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Sweat Collectors:

He then analysed the body odour of those individuals found to be unattractive by sealing their bodies in a foil sack, tied under the chin, and collecting and distilling the sweat that poured off them.

"It's very exciting," Logan told New Scientist.


10 Responses:

  1. Man, that is all kinds of awesome. The experiments are awesome (wiring sensors into bug brains), and the results are awesome (effective natural bug repellent that doesn't smell godawful).

  2. enochsmiles says:

    So, wait. You can patent the chemicals produced by the human body when it sweats? Does that mean extracting the constituent components of my own sweat would be infringement?

    Zombie Jesus in a body bag, that's absurd.

    • ryanlrussell says:

      "Oh crap, don't tell him about the DNA patents..."

    • I believe you can patent the use of natural components for a specific purpose. So, if you were to extract the components of your own sweat, and sell them as insect repellant, you'd be infringing. However, you'd have to be both selling them (or perhaps just distributing them?) and using them for insect repellent to infringe.


      • Even better, you can patent stuff even if there's prior art ... as long as the prior art is by indigenous peoples. So if someone discovered 2 years ago that kumquat juice cures cancer, and I read the article they wrote about it, I can't patent that. But if someone discovered 2000 years ago that kumquat juice cures cancer, and their remote tribe has been using this knowledge ever since, and they tell me, I can patent it ... and then I can legally stop them from using kumquat juice for that purpose any more.

        The theory, I think, being that folk transmission of knowledge isn't public enough to count as disclosure for patent purposes.

        Some of these patents have been overturned, but it's still pretty screwy.

    • Check the case law surrounding statins and red yeast rice. Basically it comes down to what you are allowed to sell it as.

  3. giles says:

    Bah, this is just a ripoff of that nerd sweat thing Lisa Simpson did.

    Or maybe the cat sweat thing Oliver did in Bloom County.

    I guess I gravitate toward sweat humor or something.

  4. duskwuff says:

    I'm not quite sure "exciting" would be the first word I'd use.