A New Pope

A New Pope:
"The still-living brain of the Mighty Keppel
today being carried by the Symbiote Vunt
in his jewel-encrusted ceremonial Stasis Orb..."


16 Responses:

  1. 33mhz says:

    Fucking brilliant.

  2. xoder says:

    Holy shit. LJ allows flash/object embedding? Welcome to MySpace 2 indeed.

    • fo0bar says:

      Woohoo! I'm off to add a 67MB MP3 of the Backstreet Boys to my friendslist!

      • injector says:

        The embed doesn't show on my friends page, but I do see it when visiting Jamie's recent page.

        I'm using an S2 style I wrote myself, a long time ago. I wonder if I just don't have provisions in place for allowing <embed> tags? I viewed the source of my generated page, the embed isn't there at all. I don't think I'm going to fix it.

  3. fantasygoat says:

    Why'd he have to ruin its awesomeness with the cheap and easy light sabre shtick? Otherwise, perfection.

  4. cliph says:

    Adam Buxton, of Adam & Joe fame, is a very funny man.

    • anyfoo says:

      AHAHAHA I love it this is simply great thanks come again bye.

      (yes, I agree, the removable harddrive joke was out of place and the lightsabre was a bit lame, too. but still, great.)

  5. yurilax says:

    how do you embed this thing into LJ? i just tried pasting the source from youtube's site into my journal, but LJ seems to have stripped it. at least it doesn't show up in my the "page source" of my entry. it does show up in yours, however.

    or is this only available to paid accounts?