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The Elevator Girls

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The Elevator Girls

There are two elevators in my building. In the coveted left-hand elevator you can ride alone, but it is rarely on. The identical right-hand elevator is operated by one of three elevator girls, who alternate twelve-hour shifts. The elevator girl's job is to sit on a low stool under the single flickering microwatt fluorescent bulb and press buttons for the various floors. There is no reason for this job to exist; the elevator is modern and identical in every respect to its autonomous twin. But some higher authority has decided that there needs to be a young woman to push the buttons. The elevator girl says hello when you walk in, presses the button for your floor, and when you arrive at the first floor whispers "yì céng" in a faint Hans Christian Andersen voice, so you know you are on the first floor and not, say, back in your New York apartment, realizing this was all some creepy dream.

To make it all even more wrenching, the elevator girls hang out a meager selection of newspapers and magazines along the elevator's inside railing, which they sell for a tiny profit. They read the unsold copies during their twelve hour shifts, squinting under the flickering ghost light. I wish more than anything that I could buy one (all) of these papers from them, but I don't even know enough to make the request, let alone a plausible excuse for why I would buy something entirely in Chinese. And so each day begins with fifteen floors of intense mortification.

Very rarely I will step in to find the elevator girl chatting on the sparkly plastic phone (?!) that hangs on the elevator wall, and this lights up my day.

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dnalounge updatelet

DNA Lounge updatelet: zombies and clowns.

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GE Maps censored by French Court

A French court has ordered Greenpeace France to remove a webpage featuring a Google Map showing the location of commercial GE maize fields in France -- despite an EU law which says the government should make the information available to the public.

So today we have responded by carving a giant 'X' crop circle into one of the GE maize fields in question, marking the spot of the GE maize field that is now censored from Greenpeace Frances' webpage.

"As we are now forbidden to publish these maps of GE maize on our webpage, we have gone into the fields and marked the field for real," said Arnaud Apoteker, of Greenpeace France.

Also, Cursor Kite.

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Early this afternoon I was walking down Market (with my mom, no less) and suddenly there was this guy running full-tilt toward us in a state of panic -- followed at extreme speed by three cops. In the quarter second before he passed us, my immediate instinct (to the no-doubt delight of uke) was, "I must now step sideways and trip this man." An eighth of a second after that (to the no-doubt delight of my dependants hangers-on employees) was "no, then that man will sue me." So I didn't. And then suddenly there were six cops chasing him (and you know what cops look like, they are not "running oriented"). They turned a corner and were all gone.

And then a second and a half later I thought, "wait, this is exactly how Uncle Ben died."


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