DNA Lounge:

Photos are up of Friday's Meat Guild. Poor Samar, she fell into the tackle box. Again.

I guess I haven't mentioned our latest adventures in ghetto HVAC: the little AC we bought a couple years ago commited suicide a while back, so this time we just took a couple of the two foot floor fans we had sitting around and poked some holes in the walls. Instead of trying to vent out through the crack between buildings, we managed to make a circular flow in the main office, through the rear Computing Facility, though the liquor room, and back around into the backstage area. It seems to work remarkably well (better than the AC ever did), and it cost almost nothing. So, yay.

When cutting the hole, we made an unexpected archaeological discovery inside the wall pictured here: there's a chain-link fence inside it! Apparently this office was once a cage, used as the liquor room, and when they decided to wall it up and build a bigger liquor room, they just drywalled right over the fence on both sides.

And, believe it or not, construction on our new kitchen is done! We still have some more inspections to pass, so there will no doubt be some changes required, but it's close...

January: the posting of our construction permit. We held a small ceremony with champagne and caviar.
January: the old bathroom walls were torn out, revealing the walls of the previous bathroom: yup, they just walled right over the old mirror and soap dispenser...
Some intra-wall graffiti from our clever and hard-working contractors, c. 2001.
April: we finally have walls and tile... Also floor drains, and a big vent penetrating the roof. These things do not leak. Much.
July: at last! It is a tiny room with three sinks and a salad bar. Microwave TBA.
Observe how when the service window is open, it is brighter than the sun. Something will have to be done about that...