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Superman equals teh suck

Superman Returns is even worse than X Men 3.

It has at least half a dozen instances of the most logic-defying intelligence-insulting movie-physics I've seen. Kevin Spacey doesn't even come close to saving it; there's only one 30 second scene that he's in that isn't a total snooze, and you saw that one in the preview. It's hard to decide who's the biggest whiner: the big blue boyscout, Lois, or Lex. Oh, and the plot is stupid and all the characters are boring and totally sleepwalking through their roles.

...And there is a precocious child.

I guess it's an adequate sequel to the others, given how much they sucked too, but ugh, I want those two hours back. Those of you who told me that this movie was ok are despicable.

If you're feeling tempted to see this piece of garbage, just rent the DVD of the modern Superman or Justice League cartoons; they were actually not bad. Clancy Brown is a thousand times the Luthor as the one in this movie.

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