the truthiness of monkey butter

Last night Stephen Colbert said two words I never thought I'd hear on television:

Monkey Butter.

I guess it's here, but I can't tell since the Comedy Central website is complete shit. (There's a downloadable copy here.)

Dear Lazyweb, I would like:

  1. A copy of the video. Got it, thanks!
  2. To know the trick for downloading videos from Comedy Central when you don't have a WMV plugin. Presumably there's a direct URL somewhere, but I couldn't figure out what it might be.

  3. Where to find a copy of the alleged private-beta of the Flip4Mac plugin that works on Intel Macs.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein this little piggy stays home, and neighborhood and media update are presented.

The Pig show is off. They cancelled their whole tour due to low ticket sales. I'm bummed, I was looking forward to that one. (If you bought tickets from us, we'll be refunding your credit cards soon.)

In neighborhood news:

Apparently Studio Z is no more. I've heard a few different stories about what exactly happened, none of which are particularly pretty. Supposedly that space will remain a nightclub, but with different owners. Let's hope.

Remember that tire shop across the street from us, the one with the 25' tall tire painted on the front? They painted the whole building blue. Even the little curvy bit at the top of the building that was the top of the tire. Apparently what's going on is that the smog-check shop down the street (the one supposedly destined to be razed and loftified) has moved in to the tire building, and I guess they... don't sell tires. But still. That giant tire was a fucking landmark!

Bunch of savages in this town.

So I stumbled across this hateful little set of articles on "Americas Hottest Bartenders", and like a car crash, I had to look. Dissed again! None of our clever and attractive staff made the cut! San Francisco: Men, Women.

We (well, Bootie) did get a brief mention in Spin last month, though: page 98, page 100. Are we validated now?