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Full-time wearable headphone gaze detector

"The EOG-sensors just picks up small changes in electrical potentials made by the eyes when moving. [...] Hiroyuki imagines that you will be able to see the movie of your day with an attention marker overlaid the recording."

Just imagine... this guy can now have a heads-up display that will let him know that, yes, he is in fact staring at the boobies.

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  1. theorb says:

    I expect something like this to be very interesting for market research. See what people pay attention to when watching TV/film/ads, see where a person is looking while using your program, so you can make the UI worse for people who don't think like the ones in your focus group, etc.

  2. katykab00m says:

    Hi there. I added you. Hope you don't mind. :)

  3. taffer says:

    I like how it's inconspicuous and conveniently sized/shaped.

  4. fantasygoat says:

    I read a short story a few years ago about a future where people wear these headsets that stream information to them constantly, like the name of people they're looking at, conversational topics, a constant stream of music, plus a bunch of other things.

    Everyone has them, and no one ever turns them off. People cannot function without them.

    The plot point is that one guy comes up with the idea of perhaps turning it off and thinking for himself, and the company that makes the headsets considers the idea novel enough to produce a special unit for him that you can turn off by punching in a code, turning a key, clicking a bunch of warning notices, etc.

    He goes on a date, and it's not going well, so he decides to take that opportunity to turn the device off. He's completely lost without it, manages to utter a few words like a baby, before turning it back on with much relief.

    However, the girl is so impressed and amazed that he turned it off she immediately falls for him.

    iPods are the first step to this story coming true. This thing is next.

    • krick says:

      I'm like that with Closed Captioning on my TV. I'm totally addicted and can't watch TV without it. We recently got one of those projectors and a screen and since there's no tuner, it doesn't decode and display Closed Captioning. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm going to have to see if someone has developed a TiVo hack that decodes and displays closed captioning on the screen so I can get my captioning back.

      • citizenx says:

        I'm like that, but with subtitle tracks while watching DVDs. I've just become accustomed to always watching with them turned on, sometimes even for their intended use (following the plot when you can't hear the words for one reason or another -- commentary, perhaps?)

        Now I go sort of nuts when I watch something without subtitles. I can't even begin to understand the thinking that releases a US TV show on DVD and only includes one subtitle track: Portuguese.

        • wfaulk says:

          That's weird, because I find that if the closed captioning is on on my TV, I end up reading the entire movie rather than watching anything. My mind cannot ignore the text.

          Reminds me of that manipulated photo Jamie posted a while back with all of the text removed.

          • citizenx says:

            I learned to deal by watching foreign films. After some time, you just gather the information while watching the picture instead of just reading all the way through, just kind of flicking your focus down from time to time. Of course, sometimes I find myself still reading. It's not perfect. I'm not perfect. (or something)

            What picture is this that you mention? How far back is "a while"?

  5. line_noise says:

    Driving home the other evening peering into the setting sun while trying to discern where the road was and avoid the oncoming logging and milk trucks I wondered why someone hasn't invented a pair of sunglasses with liquid crystals sandwiched in the lenses and a small camera in the frame that would detect bright light sources and block them out by turning on groups of liquid crystal pixels. I'd pay good money for a pair of shades like that! But not if I looked like this dude!

    • sid_icarus says:

      I heard there is welding eyewear that automatically goes darker once you light the welding torch.

      Don't know if they use liquid crystal, nor if they are uniformly dark across the whole lense, but there are versions cheap enough for individuals to buy.