fine statuary

Many of these are awesome. Some favorites:

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  1. justmealex says:

    Nice post!!! Sadly the Fremont Troll now has graffiti on his face :(

  2. jackbrinks says:

    I have an old picture of me standing in front of the thumb statue. It's in the olympic park in Seoul. They had a few other good ones in that park that they commissioned for the 88 olympics.

  3. That preggo one is right down the block from where I work. It's called The Virgin Mother and is settled in the Lever House courtyard where I can stare at it disturbed while smoking a cigarette.The Lever House frequently displayed really interesting art. I was really tickets about six months ago when the following was in their lobby for a few months...

  4. the top right one reminds me of katamari damacy...

  5. ammutbite says:

    Wow, I suspect a crop of new userpics will be popping up on LJ very soon following this post

      • ammutbite says:

        That Claes fella, he's a good ol'boy! In the Midwest we like our art big and simple.Actually, that's an illustration of an old concept: If you make anything big enough, it's art!I still like Oldenburg's early piece -"Soft Toilet"

      • belgand says:

        Except, of course, everyone in Kansas City fucking hates "Shuttlecocks" and did when it was first installed.

        • People in Kansas City hate everything.

          Of course the inlayed pretext of these shuttlecocks are completely overlooked. Badminton is oft associated with the wealthy. I think it sends this tone about who controls the art and where their head is at.

          • belgand says:

            I've never associated it with wealth so much as gym class where they forced us to play or people screwing around in their backyards with one of those kits from Wal-Mart. I'd much more strongly associate tennis with the wealthy, but not enough to make it exclusive enough for a statement.

  6. xenogram says:

    AH-HA! If there's one thing that space-cows love more than the livers of American schoolchildren, it's CANNIBALISM.

  7. It's all glass and there is some living grass inside the cow.

  8. cetan says:

    Not as weird as most of these, but here's one in Chicago. The kids playing frisbee have designer "clothing" on and one has a bandaid.


  9. sclatter says:

    It's in front of CNIT at La Defense. I have a bunch of pictures of it. It looks even more like a penis from a distance.

  10. kchrist says:

    A personal favorite of mine is the Kafka statue in Prague (linked to full size):

    Franz Kafka statue in Prague

  11. 1eyedkunt says:

    aww! one of my first sculptures ever was a giant thumb, so i have a soft place in my heart for them (there are more around than you might expect). mine had the old rule "a husband may not beat his wife with a stick greater in width that that of his thumb" written around the base. it looked kinda like a giant penis from far away. cheesy i know, but give me a break, i was in highschool.

    thanks for posting the site - i love it!

  12. lhoriman says:

    The king on an upside-down horse is Good King Wenceslas in Prague by David Cerny.

    There is a story behind it that you probably have to be Czech to fully appreciate - something about St. Wenceslas riding into Prague on a horse during some future time of great need. If I remember correctly, the statue was created shortly after the Velvet Revolution.

    Ah, here's a link:

  13. saltdawg says:

    Back when I actually cared about things, I typed up a proposal that instead of building a mall to draw visitors to this little state of mine, wr build a spectacle. I sent it out to everyone I could, from the govenor on down to the local newspaper. I proposed that we build the world's largest 'drinking bird' in providence, drinking out of the world's largest martini glass. Alas, they built the mall. My only vindication came when a friend of mine got a job in providence city hall, and found a copy of the proposal on the desktop of his new computer, four years after I wrote it.

    (I was just watching EBN last night on the VCR.)

    • jkonrath says:

      Were you talking about building an actual working dippy-drinking bird, or just a motor-powered fake? I think you'd have large engineering problems finding a substance that would change state fast enough in large volumes, not to mention that the glass would be impossibly difficult to create.

      Daniel Reynolds had an art exhibit involving a bunch of six-foot-tall drinking birds, and it took a whole team of physicists to get them to work.

      I think your worst problem would be wind shear. But if you could figure it out, it would not only be pretty damn awesome, it would also be a potential alternative power source, with a few windings of copper.

      • saltdawg says:

        I was talking about an actual working model. BUt that was when I was so much younger and full of such things as "vim" and "vigor". It would be nice to see the dream realized, but I'm happy with simply staying un killed from week to week. And that doesn't leave much room for civic improvement.

  14. nelc says:

    Aww, link's dead. Looks like the guy exceeded his bandwidth.