Rocket dumps 250 tons of debris and burning fuel on parking lot.
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  1. jonabbey says:

    Good footage, bad music.

  2. wyndebreaker says:

    That was some "anomaly."

  3. skreidle says:

    Think this is the same? That's all I can find for GPS2R explosions.

    • jonabbey says:

      Seems likely. The footage definitely has a vintage tone about it, like some sensationalizing program on Discovery Channel was doing a 'zowee, look at this great archival footage we found,' not 'this just happened.'

      • zonereyrie says:

        Yep - I can't remember the program specifically, but I watched it. The voice sounds wrong to have been a Modern Marvels "Engineering Disasters" episode, so it was probably a one-off or something. I know I watched it - but I watch a lot of such shows, I help maintain <lj comm="disasterporn">. :-)

        • colonwq says:

          I think this footage/narration is from the TNT/SpikeTV network. Most Amazing Videos I think. They show the German fireworks plant blowing up, a paint factory flashing over and a fuel truck blowing up after being hit by a train.

          I guess I spend too much time watching these things. :)


    • loosechanj says:

      Definately. It's old news. They did just launch a Delta 2 the other night though, but it didn't blow up.

  4. korgmeister says:

    Oh damn that was full of win and awesome. It was like a cutscene from a video game, only real life!

  5. hatter says:

    We have problems with too many people parking too close to the launch pads at sport rocketry launches, especially spectators who are too lazy to walk an extra 5 minutes. Maybe this will help.

    the hatter

  6. substitute says:

    So we have two Space Narrator Phrases down. When they say it's an anomaly, it means a huge rocket blew up and wrecked a lot of shit and cost a lot of money.

    When they say it's a major malfunction, it's that plus they blew up a bunch of astronauts and a school teacher and derailed the space program permanently.

  7. and that's why we don't take field trips to the space center anymore.

    • capo_mojo says:

      Just make sure you park in the far lot if you go...

    • sherbooke says:

      I hope NASA personnel have a rocket clause on their car insurance policies o'wise claiming "my car was killed by falling rocket debris" will only produce a laugh. For the insurance people.

  8. djsunkid says:

    Can you imagine the engineer who figured out that it was the 19 foot crack? Like- did they see the crack before the launch and the engineer was blase about it?

    "Oh that! Yeah, don't worry about that crack, just launch it! No, really- I'm an engineer, the crack is fine!"

  9. ammutbite says:

    This is your early 4th of July fireworks spectacular as only the powers that be can pull off. I can just see the neighbors' faces if I lit off 250 tons of rocket fuel. But if it's NASA engineers, oh, sure, go ahead, it's for science....:-)

  10. hermeticseal says:

    google for this if you want boom russian-style: foton-m1-launch-failure.wmv

    bonus: lots of "holy shit we're going to die!"

    i dont want to link directly to this guy's page, he may take it down.


    bottom of this page

  11. fantasygoat says:

    How fucking awesome is that?

    Perhaps it puts the fratboys peeing in the parking lot into perspective.