Treo 650: old and busted. Treo 700p: new hotness.

I got the Treo 700p. I like. The EVDO network is a lot faster: the web browser is, dare I say it, fast enough to be usable now.

Most importantly, Bubbles still works.

Listening to the DNA streams works, which is pretty cool.

It supports streaming video in WMV, but not Quicktime or RealVideo (e.g., ours). I can understand not supporting Real (who uses that crap any more?) but not supporting Quicktime? Come on, that's pretty useless.

It's not as much faster as I expected/hoped for downloading email (POP3S), but I guess that's more a latency issue than a bandwidth issue.

I tried again to use VersaMail the mail reader that comes with it (since it's in ROM, it's taking up space whether I want it or not), but I couldn't get it to do SMTP+TLS+AUTH delivery to my home machine, so I gave up and continued using the copy of Snapper that I bought last year. (Functionally they're basically identical, except that Snapper works.)

The camera is 1280x1024 instead of 640x480, but it's the same shitty plastic lens, so the pictures are just as blurry, dark and illegible as before, they're just bigger.

I use Missing Sync (which is generally pretty good), and before, I had the photo conduit set to download pictures on the phone to a folder and delete them when done. But with the 700p, there is an unpleasant new bug: it will only download photos that you've taken from the photo app -- not photos that have been sent to you as SMS and then downloaded to the phone, and not photos that you've taken from the SMS application. However, it will gleefully go ahead and delete those photos from the phone after not-downloading them. So beware.

(I reported it as a bug and their answer was, "We don't have a 700p." Nice.)

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some stuff.

It is a slow news day on the internets.

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A cartoon about Drunk and Bitter Jesus versus the Chocolate Easter Cock.

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