it's liquid human meat!

Breast milk enters Chinese cuisine

According to local newspapers, a restaurant in southern Hunan province has started offering dishes cooked with human breast milk.

Two dishes were offered for the first time on 25 January, featuring abalone and perch. It plans to offer a banquet featuring 108 dishes made with human milk, which would cost in the region of 280,000 yuan (US$33,000), one report said.

The milk used so far is reported to have come from six peasant women who were still breast-feeding their children. No details have been given on how much they were paid or how much milk was used.

"When the customers are having the human milk banquet, they can experience maternal love at the same time."

So. Vegan?

Also I like how they refer to it as "human breast milk", you know, as opposed to that other kind.

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