____ statue popular with ____

Bread statue popular with pigeons.

Combine this with a statue made of butter and a statue made of meat and you've got a sandwich!

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7 Responses:

  1. bdu says:

    In other news: sex popular with teens.

  2. mightymu says:

    A statue made out of meat? Impossible! You're asking me to believe that meat can be art?

  3. marc_lacoste says:

    Dress it up with Jana Sterback's Vanitas flesh dress (choose it in the Gallery). Saw it in Beaubourg recently, 20 years later it's dry and almost clean. Time wins.

  4. ammutbite says:

    I keep trying to figure out the nature of the mutually vampiric symbiote relationship you have with the BoingBoing people. Sometimes you repost their announcements. Lately, they have been crediting you....

    There is either some sort of a "secret handshake" and "hazing ritual" thing at play here, you secretly run BoingBoing whenever the Comissioner shines the haxor signal over Metropolis, or you are old friends from the days of Doom Squad and DOS based computing.None dare call it conspiracy....:-)

  5. belgand says:

    Butter on a sandwich? I'm dimly aware that some people do such a thing but my mind fails to fully comprehend it.

    I'm just trying to find a way I can turn this into a stew.