Martian Popping Thing Cosplay

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

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  1. kumimonster says:

    the hood looks to be from based in vienna
    the corset thing i believe is from also based in Vienna and one of the companies i model for

    i need to get them the squeezy toy now!!!


    Thanks, that was a perfectly good set of eyes that I need to have replaced now.

    • g_na says:

      I don't understand that goggles-atop-the-head-for-no-good-reason thing. It makes even less sense here.

      Also, I keep looking at the mouth and thinking, "Ooooooh nooooooo, Mr. Bill!"

      • And they're not even the cool Army surplus aviator goggles that actually look neat if you wear them over your eyes, they're SWIMMING GOGGLES.

        And....are those toilet plungers over her ears?


        • hawke666 says:

          Plungers for really small toilets, maybe. Or maybe she's much larger than most people.

          I'm pretty sure they're drain stoppers though. If I'm right, at least you're in the right department.

  3. jizosh says:

    Thanks for that. I was just falling asleep at work...and now I never want to sleep again.

  4. weirdbitch says:

    *lol* you just made my day ... while it just started !!!!!

    thnks man !

  5. ctd says:

    Do her eyes pop out of the sockets? 'Cause otherwise, this does nothing for me.

  6. baconmonkey says:

    considering some of your posts, I had to read that twice to confirm that it did not say "Martian POOPing Thing Cosplay" before continuing to scroll down.

  7. aralis says:

    You always have interesting and weird things on your journal. Where do you find this stuff?

  8. fastfwd says:

    I for one am dismayed by our new Martian Popping Thing overlords.

  9. pezking124 says:

    <lj user="fantasygoat">.

  10. buz says:

    And when you tug that string that dangles down between their legs sometimes... their arms and legs bounce up!

  11. belgand says:

    The fixed wide-open mouth and latex actually made her look a bit more like a blow-up doll come to life to me.