Mac Intel Audacity?

Anyone know where to find a build of Audacity that works on Intel Macs? Or any other program that will let me do rudimentary cut/fade/save on an MP3 file?

Update: Though I'd vastly prefer a GUI that actually showed me the waveform and let me select with the mouse and cut, the command line mp3splt program does basically what I needed (mp3splt -s -p rm foo.mp3). And thankfully, "port install mp3splt" worked. I wish it preserved the id3v2 data, though.

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  1. alecm says:

    ok, potentially dumb answer, but have you tried messing with garageband?

    • jwz says:

      Yes. As far as I can tell, GB contains nothing even remotely like this.

      • alecm says:

        Ok; reading further down if I just want to snip bits out of audio I tend to use QuickTime Pro.

        Regards GB most of my experiments have been with Podcasting. You can drag-n-drop MP3 files and AIFF (etc) onto the main panel and most of the time they'll be imported properly. Some MP3 files hang-up, I suspect that it barfs on VBR encoding or somesuch. Then treat like iMovie with "Split" (at playhead), deletion, and so forth. Fiddle with L/R for balance.

        For Fade, in the "New Track" you will have created, hit the triangle button (same bank of buttons as the red recording dot) and that'll drop a pop-down area for adjusting track volume and track left/right panning) - clicking the line creates a node in the graph, drag that up and down...

        Someone like you will find it obvious. :-)

        Then export. May be overkill.

        • alecm says:

          ps: apologies for ambiguity. By "Red Recording Dot" I meant the little one inside the track bar, not the big red button at the bottom of the window. My bad. Not drinking coffee in the evening nowadays, old fartdom beckons.

        • jered says:

          Ok; reading further down [...]

          You mean you read the first sentence of Jamie's post, but ran out of attention span before the second?

          • alecm says:

            Well, I merely suggested [an] "other program that will let JWZ do rudimentary cut/fade/save on an MP3 file."

            By "further down" I was referring to his desire to "Repair the idiocy of CDs that have as their last track "4 minutes of music, 10 minutes of silence, 2 minutes of music" by splitting them into two files."

            QTPro will do that, nicely. Re-encoding will be needed, but hey.

            So: I'm old and crusty, and lack an 1337 haircut. You have a point?

  2. otterley says:

    sox fade ... trim ... ?

    • No shit. Just downloaded the latest source on my MacBookPro. ./configure; make; cd src; ./sox monkey.wav monkey.aiff


      You'll need MAD or LAME to do mp3 files, though.

    • jwz says:

      sox has no GUI, you think I want to guess microsecond offsets, repeat until done?

      • otterley says:

        Hey, I'm just working within the parameters of the problem assigned. I don't know exactly what you're trying to do.

      • premchai21 says:

        Last I checked, GarageBand could be used to do GUI [audioFile playFrom: point1 to: point2]-style stuff. You could use that, then type the relevant offsets into the appropriate sox command.

  3. endquote says:

    MP3 Trimmer works well for me, though it's shareware with a nag screen.

    • jwz says:

      I tried it, and after 5 minutes, I can't figure out how to use it. Also it appears to have no waveform display, so I can't see where the silence is, and that's just dumb.

    • jwz says:

      The version of Audacity I have doesn't even launch on this machine.

      • kap_ says:

        Audacity 1.2.4b runs on my Intel iMac. It is as crappy as applications running in Rosetta tend to be, but it does work for me. The Man fucking you once again I guess.

        Maybe more helpful, several months ago I was ripping old audio cassettes for my mom and found mp3splt to automate splitting the long rip into individual tracks. It worked rather well once the command line shenanigans were figured out, but yeah, no GUI. Considering it automates what you want to do, that could be acceptable.

  4. thomtoffner says:

    Please forgive my ignorance, but is there some reason that an application such as audacity won't build on these new intel macs?

    • jwz says:

      Here is something important to realize about Macs: if there is not a precompiled binary available, it means that nobody is actually using the program except the developers, and so it probably doesn't actually work, and using it is asking to dive back into the perma-alpha-release Linux-land you bought a Mac to escape.

      There is a binary release of Audacity, but it's PPC and a year old, and for some reason, it doesn't run under Rosetta (the PPC emulator thingy) on my Intel Mac.

  5. natenate says:

    Wouldn't Audio Hijack ( be perfect for the problem at hand? Though, you would of course actually have to listen to the music to accomplish the task.