I, for one, welcome our new water-walking lizardbot overlords

Robot Runs Over Water

The Harvard team found that the lizard slaps the water with its paddle-like foot. The foot goes beneath the surface level, generating a pocket of air. While its foot is still in the air pocket, the lizard curls its toes inward to reduce drag and, before the air pocket can collapse, the animals retracts its foot upward and prepares to slap the water again. The lizard repeats the slap and stroke motion up to 10 times per second, which allows it to generate the thrust and lift it needs to peel across the water's surface without sinking.

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  1. benediktus says:

    I, for one, welcome our new water-walking lizardbot overlords

    not to forget "lego-geared"...

  2. Current music: The Jesus Lizard

    For The Win.

  3. No slo-mo video == crime against humanity

  4. strspn says:

    The Water Runner ... could search for victims in flooded disaster areas, be equipped with biochemical sensors to monitor water quality, or use tiny cameras to survey coastline security zones or ports.

    The technology is cool, but those proposed applications are pure bullshit, as in each case a boat would have obvious advantages. Birch Bayh and Bob Dole killed basic research in 1980. I bet the future is still awesome in the alternate reality where Jimmy Carter won a second term.

  5. beerfrick says:

    this can only lead to one thing: ROBOT NINJAS

  6. roninspoon says:

    Just like Chun, master of Sinanju, the sun source of martial arts.

  7. ronbar says:

    Descriptions of cool phenomena that pretend to be explanations of how they work by being long-winded are irritating.

    The short answer is probably "they stay up by pushing lots of water down fast".