Flying Carpet

"An aerial view of the Sacramento River that is woven into a carpet for the floor of a pedestrian bridge connecting the Sacramento Airport terminal to the parking garage. This image represents approximately 50 miles of the Sacramento River."
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7 Responses:

  1. jesus_x says:

    This is fracking awesome. They need to start selling this kind of stuff for homes.

    "Honey, have you seen my keys?"

    "Have you looked in Kansas? I thin I saw them there."

  2. ashura93 says:

    Another California river valley trampled under foot.

  3. pne says:

    I wonder what effect that'll have on people who are scared of heights.

  4. smokedamage says:

    that's fucking awesome.

  5. 205guy says:

    It's probably the closest we'll come to the space colonies pictured previously.

  6. scorpionis says:

    That reminds me a lot of the 3/4 mile long scale replica of the Mississippi River Valley they have at Mud Island in Memphis, TN. That was very impressive.