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Los 80s: a gigantic list of 80s videos on YouTube. I didn't even know there were videos for some of these (and some I'm still trying to forget...) Oh, the irony of watching a grainy, postage-stamp-sized video about videos that begins with footage of someone top-loading a beta cassette that would have been a zillion times higher quality than what I'm seeing now... Is this the future yet? (Hey look, it's the Montgomery BART station and it's not THX-1138.)
Scene missing! A video that used to be embedded in this post has disappeared. If you know of a copy of this video that is still accessible, please mail me so that I can update the link.
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  1. ammutbite says:

    You have to admit that the nostalgia factor is ridiculously heavy. Checking out a video of Olle and John of the specimen, explaining themselves re:founding of the Batcave club...well, it has to at least bring a smile to your face, considering what you do.
    At the same time, I don't really need to have this interview in pristine DTV compatible format, and this is even more so with the Disco lessons in Finland, or the mixed group shower sing alongs by the pre-pubescent dutch (even though both cracked me up...).
    If it must be videos that are digitised and encoded to 1991 amateur quality standards, so be it, but I want more of the missing documents. Where is USA Network SNUB television and New Wave theater broadcasts? Where is all tha Tackhead?

  2. dr_memory says:

    New Model Army made a video? Wowzers.

  3. g_na says:

    I can't believe you didn't point out this video!

  4. violentbloom says:

    Yazoo actually had videos! Who knew?!

  5. fantasygoat says:

    Come on, I'd say that video is standard NTSC resolution and the quality on par with Betamax. Bear in mind it was probably digitized from a VHS cassette - what do you want, everything remastered in THX?

    The future part is you can sit at home and watch all these videos on demand.

    • jwz says:

      No way is it beta or even VHS quality -- it's VHS, after several tape generations, after being recorded off of broadcast TV, and then dropped down to 10fps.

      • cerrus says:

        I don't remember the exact dimensions, but it's below NTSC. Bandwidth bandwidth bandwidth... That's the dirty secret of digital video, you take the analog, you do a lossy conversion and charge people more for the New Technology!!1

      • wfaulk says:

        Well, you can blame the horrendous Flash plugin for (anything but Windows) for the 10FPS part of it. It's fine under Windows.

      • omni_ferret says:

        I think Google Video keeps the original, high quality version around for download... If only people posted videos there instead.

    • geektalk says:

      I looked at one of the videos (you can grab them out of mozilla's cache... they're in flv format... just 'ls -tr' while it's playing and hardlink the most recent file somewhere useful) and it's 320x240. NTSC was 648x486. So, about 1/4 the size.

      But yeah, I'm with you, the shit is free and on demand and I think youtube is fucking sweet. No complaints from me.

    • sherbooke says:

      the future part is I can sit at *work and watch these videos on demand. Productivity in this part of the 'verse has stopped for the duration, barring interruptions from da management.

      I'm living in Brazil.

  6. stechert says:

    What could be more quintessentially 80's than Tarzan Boy?

  7. tiff_seattle says:

    I am going to have that Aldo Nova song stuck in my head for at least a week.

    • yakko says:

      Same with me and Living On Video. The synth melody part had taken up residence in my brain decades ago, but only now do I know the name of the song.

      I love the internet.

  8. brianenigma says:

    Just how big are your postage stamps?

  9. ~leaves wet spot on seat~

    I am bookmarking this site.
    Actually, I don't need to--I don't think I am ever leaving this site AGAIN.

    The funny part being, of course, that the first two you were trying to forget...live in my "cheesy earworms" folder, and are songs I have actually listened to in the last WEEK.

    But still.
    This is the best bit of content ever.
    You are my new favorite person.

  10. dojothemouse says:

    That's Rockridge, or somewhere in the east bay. Isn't Montgomery BART under ground?

    • jwz says:

      The really long white tunnel at the beginning looks like Montgomery to me.

      • dojothemouse says:

        Oh. Yeah it does. It also looks a little like the bridge part at Rockridge.

        Ah, 70s design.

        • gwenzilla says:

          that's Rockridge later on in the video.

          Apollonia still can't dance.

          • gargargar says:

            Well, I live just a couple blocks from Rockridge station, and I can confirm that every shot in that video is Rockridge except for the tunnel shot at the very end. I've never bothered learning to drive a car, so I use that station for every single trip to the city I've made since moving out to Oakland.

  11. transiit says:

    when I think "gigantic", I think more than one song from each artist. This strikes me more as a greatest filtered hits of the 80s than anything even trying to be inclusive.

    dos centavos.


  12. benediktus says:

    why does all that remind me of dieter from snl - saying stuff like "naext video fromm se baend schreibmachine se song kuechenhilfe"?

  13. baconmonkey says:

    germaine stewart looks like a Castro version of Snoop Dog.

  14. wyndebreaker says:

    Wow, that Chrome video reminded me of this one.

    That's my old friend Johnny Strike on guitar. He released an album a couple of years ago.

  15. travisd says:

    Well, there goes the afternoon's productivity...

  16. hafnir says:

    A little surprised you didn't know about the Sevs video. There are actually something like 5 versions of the Dead Eyes Opened video - I think he remakes it every few years or something. Pretty much everything Severed Heads did had a video attached to it, at least in a live context - for a long time the band was an audio guy and a video guy. I've got like 2 VHS's and 2 DVD's full of Sevs videos. In fact, you can get the Sevs videos here, or if you can't manage going anywhere without having Sevs videos on you at all times, you can get some for your portables here.

  17. sweh says:

    VH1 Classic airs a lot of these on a regular basis. "We Are The '80s", "Pop Show", "All Star Jams", "All Request Hour", "The Alternative" are all good shows to find this sort of stuff. I filled 4 DVDs (DirectTV -> DVD recorder) with classic videos from there :-)

    Shame VH1 Classic is so overcompressed on DirecTV though.

  18. I like YouTube. There's a lot of crazy stuff on there.

    Like, it's nice to know that there are at least two Toni Basil covers of Devo songs, with corresponding videos which seem to have been shot the same day, in the same studio, on the same set, as "Hey Mickey," but somehow don't (totally) suck.

  19. pfrank says:

    Ouch. the link that claims to be for a Residents video goes to White Lion's "When the Children Cry"

    That's no fun.

  20. Doesn't the new Red Hot Chili Peppers video "Dani California" cover all the music videos ever made, including Anthony Keidis dressing up as Glen Danzig???