DNA Lounge: Wherein victory is declared against the webcast gremlins.

I think the webcast audio is finally fixed. An extremely generous benefactor actually gave us a Mac G4 tower! So now the audio webcasts are running off of that, via Nicecast. Switching the various services over to the Mac was relatively painless, but we haven't completely replaced the old Linux box yet, because it's our mail server too, and we're having a hell of a time figuring out how to get SMTP AUTH (saslauthd) working on OSX. But it's almost there.

The RealVideo webcast is still running on a Linux box, sadly, because as far as I can tell there is no way to create RealVideo streams on OSX. There are a bunch of hoops you can jump through to get QuickTime to be able to encode RealVideo, but only to static files, not to streams.

I wish we could just ditch Real entirely, but the only reason we're able to use it at all is that GrooveFactory are donating the bandwidth for it, and their servers only do Real, not Quicktime.

I really liked the band at Swindle last night. They were called "Pets", thus making them completely un-googleable. They were (mostly) two people, a guy and a girl, guitar, bass and drum machine, and they sounded kind of like a little bit of Pixies and a lot of Jesus and Mary Chain.

Fortunately the turnout was very low, ensuring that we can continue to be free of the corrupting influence of money.

Current Music: Underworld -- Rez ♬