The future used to be awesome.

Space Colony Artwork 1970

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"From the moment of my birth, light [that I could have influenced] has been expanding around the Earth and light [which could influence me, from an increasing distance of origin] reaching it -- this ever-growing sphere of potential causality is my light cone. Today... My light cone contains 37 stars. Chi-1 Orionis will be reached in in 8 days."

Oil Poster

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Baby Suit

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I, for one, welcome our new hentai-enabled combat robot overlords

Robotic tentacles:

Each Octarm is powered by compressed air and has surface pressure sensors, positional sensors and a camera mounted at its tip. This allows the limb to nimbly investigate pipes, tunnels and other narrow spaces.

The Octarms developed so far are each around a metre long, although the design could easily be scaled up or down, the researchers say. Only one has been attached to a robot at a time, but the researchers say several could work together in future.

MPEG, 55MB. (Doesn't play in Quicktime, but VLC can play it.)

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