icecast statistics

Dear Lazyweb,

I ask this question every couple of years, and I keep hoping I'll get a decent answer someday:

What software should I use to analyze the log files written by Icecast?

Right now I'm using Webalizer 2.10 Streaming extention, but it's kind of crap. And, at the moment, appears to be lying to me.

What I'm interested in is basically just: How many people listened to each stream; and how long they tended to stay connected (e.g., how many seconds of audio were served to each unique listener). More detailed info would be nice, but those are the big two.

Please note: I'm not asking for what your favorite HTTP log analysis software is. It has to be something that understands streaming, or it won't present the information I'm asking for, since most web log software is not interested in the duration of the connections.

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