XScreenSaver 5.00b3

XScreenSaver 5.00b3 out now.

  • Should be a lot faster. (It needs to be faster still, but it's much better.)
  • Crashes in CGBitmapContextCreate should be gone.
  • Sonar can ping! Turns out DGRAM ICMP works unprivileged on OSX.

See todo.

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One Response:

  1. pawliger says:

    I am getting quits/crashes when picking some savers from the Screen Saver panel in System Preferences for some savers with the error "System Preferences[1738] bogus color pixel" in Console. This is on a Mactel iMac with OS X 10.4.6 Just clicking on the Zoom saver will cause the quit/crash. There is no Crash Reporter dialog, so this is all the info I have to offer. I downloaded the .dmg with the savers already built and copied them into ~/Library/Screen Savers