welcome your new robot master for the low, low price of $18,000

(Only 3× the price of a RealDoll...)

12 Responses:

  1. liveavatar says:

    [slavers, drools oil, prays to someday have one in living room]

  2. pdx6 says:

    "(Only 3× the price of a RealDoll...)"

    I'm a bit tongue tied on which port/socket/orifice joke to start out with.

  3. nightrider says:

    My favorite feature?

    Functional Power Pack - Pulling the Robot's "Power Pack" will shut down the Robot with the "Aaghhhhhh..." sound, just as it did in the TV series. Plugging in the power pack activates the Robot and he will speak an appropriate phrase, "Who turned out the lights?", etc.

    That alone makes it worth 18K, IMHO.

  4. kallisti says:


    It's gotta say it as one of it's programmed responses!


  5. jagger says:

    I am thinking that all products should have their prices expressed in realdolls.

  6. whumpdotcom says:

    Yeah, but a Real Doll won't make snarky remarks about Dr. Smith.

  7. greatbiggary says:

    And about exactly the price of a Dimension 3D printer. I think I'll get one of those, and print out my own version of these, and buck the system. Of course, I'll probably need about $25k worth of the printer's ABS rolls, but um... Alright, I'll just buy the robot.