vegetables no longer good for you, eat meat

Fruits, vegetables not as nutritious as 50 years ago

In spite of what Mother taught you about the benefits of eating broccoli, data collected by the U.S. government show that the nutritional content of America's vegetables and fruits has declined during the past 50 years -- in some cases dramatically.

Davis, who discussed his findings at a recent meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in St. Louis, suspects the trend in agriculture toward encouraging crops that grow the fastest and biggest is a reason for the decline. The past five decades have been marked by the "Green Revolution," which has seen a marked increase in U.S. production and yields as farmers have turned to the fastest-growing and greatest-producing plants.

The tradeoff is that the faster-growing plants aren't able to acquire the nutrients that their slower-growing cousins can, either by synthesis or from the soil. He said there also are differences in the amounts of nutrients lost in differing varieties of wheat and broccoli.

Davis said he doesn't want his study to encourage people to stop eating vegetables on the grounds they lack nutrients.

Ha ha, too late.

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10 Responses:

  1. I'm shocked. Utterly shocked, I say.

  2. However, the same study found that organic fruits and vegetables have the same level of nutrients as those grown 50 years ago. There have been a variety of theories as to why this is, most of which are refreshingly amenable to empirical support or falsification.

  3. ivan_ghandhi says:

    Anybody crossing Canadian border can notice a huge difference in how apples look, smell and taste to the North and to the South of the border.

    I don't think it is all about "big businesses" and "multinational corporations". Consumers do not care, and that's it.

    The same goes for the movies, by the way. Not sure about music.

  4. jes5199 says:

    i suspect that part of the reason that Joe Average American would rather eat French Fries and Pizza than , say , Spinach and Broccoli , is that these fast-grown plants end up tasting like shit.

  5. tiger0range says:

    Me and my wife generally buy fruits and veggies from Aldi stores. They taste more like fruits and veggies I remember from when I was growing up. Recently, my parents came to visit and bought their groceries from there and now they stock up on fruits from Aldi every time they visit.

    Bonus is that EVERYTHING at Aldi is cheaper than Walmart. Fruits are something like 1/3 price!

    • tiger0range says:

      wow... I sound like Aldi spam...

    • wsxyz says:

      I also shop at Aldi quite a bit. I was happy to see them open a store near me since I was familiar with them my time in Germany.

      However, whatever you think of the fruit and veggies there, they are nothing more than the lower-grade leftovers of the same giant farms that supply more expensive supermarkets. Aldi just picks up everything that is rejected by your local traditional supermarket because of minor damage, less than optimal shape, etc.

      What I like about Aldi is the very cheap high quality knockoffs of brand-name packaged foods.

      • tiger0range says:

        I believe it about the fruits, but for some reason they are still sweeter/juicier etc. than the fruits I get at the local stores so I always wondered.

        Of course it's still nowhere near what I get at the farmer's market, but I can't always get up early enough or have time at the particular hours to catch the farmer's market.