this is not the transhumanism I was led to expect

"The initial run of Amanda Lepore dolls by designer Jason Wu have sold out after having been available less than two days. Among those that wanted dolls, but couldn't get them, are Pamela Anderson, Hugh Hefner, and Mister and Mister Elton John."

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10 Responses:

  1. sachmet says:

    That face almost looks like a "young" Joan Rivers. Scary.

  2. That video made me want to kill myself.

  3. raspberrypie says:

    that movie was... interesting...

  4. lordshell says:

    . . .

    I'm afraid.

  5. jesus_x says:

    This made me think of one thing. The scene from BSG where Boomer says to Adama, "You once said 'Why does humanity deserve to survive?' Maybe you don't."