The Cutest Razor-Wire In The World

Sweet Dreams Security:

Coming soon: fur-lined brass knuckles.

These would go well with a rotating bookcase door, I guess.

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9 Responses:

  1. Coming soon: fur-lined brass knuckles.

    Don't joke about such things. Some of us take our brass knuckles very seriously and would cut a bitch to get some that are fur-lined. Mink, preferably.

    • latemodel says:

      I swear <lj user="final_girl"> posted this very thing sometime last year... but I haven't the time to find it.

    • brokengoose says:

      You could always go with implants

      • jwz says:

        You know, I always see that kind of shit and immediately think "that's about the stupidiest thing I've seen", and then I realize that you can still take that stuff out, so, no, it's not nearly the stupidest. Whereas that fucking tattoo you liked so much when you were 19, once it's turned into an embarassing blue scribble, is still going to leave you with only the options of A) a bigger tattoo and consequent bigger blue scribble, or B) ten grand or more in lasering or skin grafts.

  2. kimberley66 says:

    I love the picket fence.

  3. boggyb says:

    I want that rotating bookcase door. Except it'd be the fireplace, and it'd be triggered by a painting of the fireplace.

    Seriously, the first thing I thought of when I saw that site was Myst.

  4. g_na says:

    Oh man, I need a house where we can install that railing!

    Some number of months ago I went to an open house, and the house had one of those hidden bookcases. There was a little room behind it that you wouldn't otherwise know existed. It was very cool, and the next place we live will have one!

  5. angua2010 says:

    I especially liked the friendly surveillance camera but sadly it is only under Where->Exhibitions not in the products section