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So we're watching this band, and I say to Eric, "am I missing something, or are half of his drums not actually there?" The drummer had a big accoustic kit, but a bunch of what he was playing was pre-recorded. (Which struck me as unusual, because when people fake it, they tend to fake it with electronic instruments, not real ones, least of all real ones that they actually brought with them.)

So Eric says, "That's the only thing preventing them from being an alternative rock band!"

And I say, "oh, so it's the faking it that makes it be Industrial?"

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  1. you missed my point a little. he wasn't -faking- anything, there was just more stuff being played than what he was playing. the addition of a non-human element (which in this case was backing tracks) was what was keeping them from being an alternative rock band.

    • jwz says:

      But the backing tracks sounded to me exactly like accoustic drums! And not even in a "Cop Shoot Cop / Killing Joke two drummers" kind of way. It didn't sound like a drum machine, it sounded like a recording.

      • I think you misjudged -which- of the drums were on backing tracks. the drummer had a relatively large and unconventional set- I think I saw a piccolo snare and a secondary floor tom in there.

        the thing that was notably tracked for most of the set was extra hi hats. I direct you to the drums from ministry's "burning inside" for a similar usage.

  2. omarius says:

    "Our music is sampled, totally fake;
    It's done by machines 'cause they don't make mistakes"

  3. moof says:

    Speaking of faking it, I'm not convinced that Daniel Hunt's guitar was plugged in during the Ladytron concert.