(Not that I give a shit about Sun -- I actually wouldn't be that surprised to learn that they went out of business in 1998 and I just didn't notice -- but that pie chart is teh funny.)

Also: Ha ha, that program sucked.


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  1. cpratt says:

    What, no iPlanet?

  2. srattus says:

    it is almost sad.

    one would have thought they would have been able to hire someone with some leadership potential in the last decade or so.

  3. mark242 says:

    Failed due to Acronym Overusage Syndrome (AOS).

    Also, "SWOJ" (Solaris Weblogic Oracle Java), while a better overall architecture, doesn't quite roll off the tongue like LAMP does.

    • lord_knusper says:

      (okay, this was 4 years ago, but I hear things have not changed that much since)

      I used to administrate a lot of big sun machines, and of course some of them ran weblogic. In a cluster. And it crashed. A LOT. Mind you - not individual cluster nodes, but the whole thing would go down at once. Our boss decided we might be doing something terribly wrong and sent one of us to training, done by an actual BEA employee. During said training (2 days, IIRC) _their_ cluster also crashed more than once. BEA guy basically said "yeah well, that happens."

  4. malokai says:

    Sun. "What do you want today? we may actually have it"

  5. otterley says:

    1) Solaris is still way better than Linux, particularly if you care at all about understanding how things actually work but don't care to read the source code, or if you need performance metrics (which you almost almost certainly do, if you run a business).

    2) As far as I can tell, the only things keeping Sun alive are its big iron and Java. And I expect Java to be dead as soon as Macromedia ships a mobile version of Flash.

    • lord_knusper says:
      And I expect Java to be dead as soon as Macromedia ships a mobile version of Flash.

      I don't. You forgot, among other things, J2EE.

      • otterley says:

        Sun gives away J2EE VMs, while mobile phone vendors pay Sun to provide the mobile edition (Java ME) VMs for inclusion on their equipment. J2EE may be popular, but it's not the income generator for Sun that mobile Java is.

        • lord_knusper says:

          I can see how a mobile flash might hurt sun-the-company, but java-the-language would survive that, imho ... (although it's not at all clear what would happen with java once sun dies, but I gather its development is quite community-driven nowadays)

    • miguelitosd says:

      Yeah Solaris is better at many things.. but SPARC just sucks for speed anymore. I support engineers designing ICs and EVERYTHING is going to Linux. And x86_64 at that. Even ia64 is being pretty much dropped (the main ISVs are basically releasing what compiles on ia64 ok, but not pushing it at all). A good niche Sun has is SunRay.. very nice tech, but it runs on Linux too.

      Linux does have some better bits in things like the /proc tree for process info. Things like being able to clearly see what fd's are by just using ls in /proc/pid/fd is so much nicer then solaris. There are tons more tools out there that compile without any pain on linux that are a bitch to get going on solaris, if you can, too.

      The automounter on linux is ass compared to solaris' though. That's for sure. Actually, the whole NFS layer on linux needs work.

      With Solaris 10, Sun actually might have a chance in the OS wars on x86_64.. but it might be too little too late. Most ISVs just scoff at supporting x86 again.. even though Sun has sworn if it compiled on sparc, it'll compile on x86 (or they'll help make it work for free). The ISVs already hate the number of OS and platforms they have, and x86 is yet another to support, promises or not. Some have it on their roadmaps, but we'll see how that works, and how the speed of the apps on the same hw compares.

      Only time will tell what comes out ahead though.

  6. flipzagging says:

    I know of a company that recently wanted to launch a product on a Sun platform. But no salesperson would give them the time of day, because they were only talking about a few thousand units in the first year.

    Sun deserves to lose.

    • dr_memory says:

      Yup, and it's not just him, it's everybody.

      Sun's direct sales org is the worst in the whole fucking industry, and their channel partners are a sick joke.

      The still think that it's 1998 and they can sell a million of whatever hunk of crap their server division shits out (*cough* UE150 *cough*) just because it's got the 4-S logo on it.

      It's a pity, because I'm a Solaris bigot to this day (and I have personal reasons to hate every single member of the Dell family), but fuck Sun. They refused to learn, and now they're dead. Good riddance.

      • wfaulk says:

        Hmm. That's weird. I've always had good experiences with Sun sales. The companies you actually end up buying from almost universally suck, but I seldom actually have to deal with them. Every time I've looked at purchasing Sun equipment, I've had a visit with an internal Sun rep and sales engineer. They put together a list of equipment and I get a quote from the sales company. I virtually never have to deal with the sales company other than to tell them every once in a while "no, I don't want your 'value-added' services".

        And it's not like I'm buying massive amounts of stuff, either. What I'm looking at right now is maybe $100k cost, probably less.

        • dr_memory says:

          If I were still at my last job and hadn't long since passed the point of being capable of caring about Sun except via schadenfraude, I'd be curious to know the name of your salesrep. But alas.

  7. ubiquity75 says:


  8. pde says:

    Yeah that would be a lot funnier coming from someone whose own corporate strategy was a little more meaningful than "Dude! I *totally* win best stereo system!"