soviet playground sculptures, apparently

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  1. quappa says:

    The elephant is from Tel-Aviv (as per comments).

  2. hadlock says:

    That last one, I'm reasonably sure, is part of the decór for waiting in line for a ride in Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Lizards molded in to the rocks and whatnot, too.

  3. weirdbitch says:

    the elephant is brilliant !

  4. ammutbite says:

    I think the elephant slide ought to be standard issue playground equipment.( in W.C.Fields voice) Teach the pesky little monkeys their place in the scheme of things, I say!

  5. gfish says:

    Crazy Soviet bike racks what are disguised as actual bikes!

  6. mandy_moon says:

    Oh God, the elephant has a prolapsed rectum!

  7. baconmonkey says:

    I thikn every playground needs a grammacannon.

  8. genericvox says:

    The last picture is very... Geiger... to me.


  9. toofareast says:

    My mother done me wrong. I never got the chance to shoot out from an elephants rectum. Oh life.