Please, Jabba, don't hurt him

Also, I am horrified to learn that A) there is a Wookieepedia, B) there is a Wikipedia entry for it, and C) there is a Wookieepedia entry for that.

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    • sherbooke says:

      for that blog alone, the Chewbacca defense should be illegal. As for the inter-species sex thing - a topic untouched by Star Wars I note - well...

      • jesus_x says:

        Does your kind Rishathra?

        • sherbooke says:

          This units compatibility and social functions are currently undergoing debugging and field trials. This is after a lengthy and ongoing re-fit which seeks to rectify basic structural issues with large portions of its functionality. This unit is actively seeking volunteers to beta-test its new software. Voight-Kampf results are required.

    • snitrocket says:

      Oh, good lord. Now I have to throw away my eyes.

  1. cabrius says:

    "Where is the tuna, Solo?"

  2. g_na says:

    I'm guessing that's just a (well-done) replica. Afaik, there are no full-grown male elephant seals in captivity, and if there were, walking in front of a rearing one is a way to win a Darwin award.

  3. Also, I am horrified to learn that A) there is a Wookieepedia

    It seems to me a very reasonable solution to the problem of 'too much Star Wars specific stuff in the wikipedia database', but whatever.

  4. elegantelbow says:

    Is that picture from the Baltimore National Aquarium? They have some huge elephant seals and also adorable little harbor seals (like the one in the lower right of the full-sized pic).

  5. bonniegrrl says:

    most impressive!

  6. ammonoid says:

    I love that picture. I think it is actually a stellers sea lion from a place in Washington state.