"Only about ten feet of blubber and guts stood in our way."

Head of the Humpback

Living in Alaska provides plenty of opportunities for new experiences: Hiking through old-growth rainforests; viewing grizzlies in the wild; walking across ancient rivers of glacial ice. But it is only on rare occasion - even for Alaskans - that one gets the chance to behead a beached whale. When I was invited along on this gruesome expedition it was like winning the wildlife lottery from hell.

Update: More photos here.


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  1. rzrxtion says:

    severed heads

    (tee hee hee)

    speaking of which....

    man! i'm gonna have to break that CD out now!

  2. I later discovered that gas buildup caused a 60-ton beached sperm whale to blow up in Taiwan about seven months prior to our expedition.

    Clearly, they do not read <lj user="jwz"/> often enough, or they would have known that! See? LJ is an educational service!

  3. artlung says:

    Fish heads, Fish heads
    Roly poly Fish heads
    Fish heads, Fish heads
    Eat them up, Yum