more robot masters for the welcoming

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  1. It's rather comforting to know that in my twlight years, it will be RiMan's cold, emotionless gaze that will be the last thing I will be looking at as he mechanically smothers me in my bed of respite; me clutching wildly at his soft, synthetic skin in a futile attempt at survival before my hand falls limp with a gentle thud.

  2. And come to think of it, I think it's very forward-thinking of the Japanese to start creating robot animals to act like the real thing for the very near-future when we successfully destroy our environment and fully pollute our oceans. I would like to pre-order a mechanical ferret to help with my robo-mouse problem.

    • strspn says:

      The Japanese have like, 50 times the number of battery electric vehicles per capita as we do, right? (I can't remember if that counts U.S. golf carts or not; probably not.)

      They must have a robot which removes car batteries (the large propultional rather than our small standard ingnitional) at service stations for recharge, and replaces them with charged batteries by now, don't they?

      I mean, I can't imagine that a person would be doing that even if they don't ever replace any batteries at service stations unless they aren't holding their charge anymore. That's just too hazardous, both chemically and as a lifting task.

      Isn't there some kind of a special forklift or something for that task?

  3. abates says:

    Lifting a car by its roof like that doesn't look very good for the car...

  4. srcosmo says:

    The Lifter robot will lift the blind people and take them to the store. Then the Shover robot will push bread into their throats.

  5. greatbiggary says:

    RI-MAN needs more support for the mid/lower back and butt area. It's fine with rigid-backed dolls, and healthy test volunteers with good lower back muscles, but the first feeble, or incapacitated person is just going to fold up and fall ass first out of his arms. I hope there's video.