mark your calendars

These are the things you should be doing in the next few weeks:

Fri, Apr 28:   Ladytron @ Mezzanine  (sold out)
Sat, Apr 29:   A Mighty Ruckus at Lake Hepatitis, 2 PM, @ 1598 Custer & Rankin: 
Lou Lou & The Guitarfish; Sloatbucket; Casey Neill Band; Simon Stinger; Three Weeks Clean; Gooferman; Fabulous Disaster; The Insaints; Fleshies; The Black Furies; Teenage Harlots; The Grannies.
Sat, Apr 29:   Pop Roxx with The Spores @ DNA Lounge 
(Besides it being Pop Roxx, The Spores are good!)
Mon, May 01:   The Sounds @ Slim's 
Tue, May 02:   Sleater Kinney @ GAMH (sold out) 
Wed, May 03:   Sleater Kinney @ GAMH (sold out) 
Sun, May 07:   Creepshow Peepshow @ DNA Lounge 
(If you miss this, you are a god damned fool.)
Mon, May 08:  Goldfrapp @ Fillmore 
Wed, May 10:   Mentallo and the Fixer / Deathline Intl @ DNA Lounge 
Fri, May 12:   Epoxies / Phenomenauts @ Bottom of the Hill 
Fri, May 12:   Slick Idiot / More Machine than Man @ Annie's (CW)
(SI are lame-like-KMFDM, but MMTM aren't bad.)  
Sat, May 13:   Regina Spektor @ The Independent 
Tue, Jun 06:   Front Line Assembly / Stromkern / DJ? Acucrack / Deathline Intl @ DNA Lounge 
Thu, Jun 08:   The Elm St. Murders @ DNA Lounge 
Tue, Sep 12:   Snog @ DNA Lounge 
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25 Responses:

  1. hexapod says:

    Ladytron put on a damn fine show in at the Metro in Chicago, the Presets opened here too and got a pretty decent response from the crowd as well.

  2. kimberley66 says:

    Cracked out psytrancer since I'm pretty much attending directly from HowWeird Street Faire. . . . .

  3. ubiquity75 says:

    The Ladytron show == the shit

  4. The Mighty Ruckus link is actually, fuckstick.

    Not that I'll be there.

    • jwz says:

      Tell it to Google, tool.

      • First one that came up for me (for sfindie) was, which has the correct info.

        • jwz says:

          The current "Mighty Ruckus" URL occurs nowhere in the first three pages of googling for "Mighty Ruckus", but last year's page is link #3. You're right, though, it would be foolish for the URL that already has the google juice to have, or link to, the current information. I'm so wrong!

          • I don't actually have anything to do with AMR or the URL or its Google-jizzuice; I provided the link in case you wanted the information.

            The "fuckstick" part was just an expression of sheer annoyance at the "Lake Hepatitis" comment.

  5. telecart says:

    Damn.. So awesome. One day I will be in Frisco again..

  6. whumpdotcom says:

    Everyone: please stop reminding me that the Sleater Kinney shows are sold out. I am miserable enough already.

  7. asw909 says:

    Jesus. Some good gigs there.

    Goldfrapp were great when I saw them recently in Sheffield (UK), although sadly lacking the stage props (wolf's heads etc!).

    That FLA/support bill looks amazing, too. Shame we couldn't get DJ? Acucrack/Acumen Nation over in the UK :( (We finally get FLA/Stromkern for Infest though!)

  8. falc0n2600 says:

    Beck's playing at the Fillmore the 25th of May. Just announced today.

  9. kyronfive says:

    Creepshow Peepshow @ DNA Lounge
    (If you miss this, you are a god damned fool.)

    Call me a fool, but I'd *much* rather see Scrape.dx.

    • jwz says:

      Let's see... Option A: live comedy with cute dancing girls; or Option B (and gosh, I'm only guessing here) nerdy chubby guys staring at their laptops (that's what "high performance combat audio system" means, right?) Yeah, tough call, tough call.

      • hafnir says:

        Actually he's pretty skinny. Otherwise that's pretty much his set, but the track's severely kick! Anyway, we don't have to have the usual debate again.

        The headliner's supposed to be a real band, though.

      • kyronfive says:


        He's not chubby.

        And short nerdy guys with laptops totally do it for me way more than goth girls.

  10. merovingian says:

    I'll be at Slim's on Monday, but actually I'm going for the opening band.

  11. wetzel says:

    ahhh, the shittiness of being under 21.
    when I lived in LA it seemed a lot more places were open to all ages shows than up here.

    • chromebishop says:

      MIghty Ruckus today is all ages. Come check it out.

      Also, damn shame the Elm Street thing got moved to June 8, that'll compete directly with my big Benefit/Launch party for Another Hole in the Head.

  12. defenestr8r says:

    how were the sounds? they seem to be the hot new thing with the kids down here.