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Dear Lazyweb, how come the video player built into iTunes sucks so hard*, and is there any way to make it just always launch Quicktime Player instead?

    *   Unresponsive scrollbar tracking, stalls at random, generally slow UI; whereas Quicktime Player works fine on the same files if I drag them from iTunes to the desktop before opening them.
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    • nightrider says:

      I assume you're on a Mac.

      A what-now?

    • will_sargent says:

      iTunes doesn't fire off Applescript events, it looks like. You could poll...

    • will_sargent says:

      Here we go. iTunesWatcher has the "on idle" thingy you can stick the script in.

    • jwz says:

      "Pull down the scripts menu every time instead of double-clicking" is not exactly what I had in mind by "always use QT player".

      • rantzilla says:

        If an action appears in a menu for an application, even an AppleScript thingy, I think you may be able to specify an application specific Keyboard Shortcut via System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Application Keyboard Shortcuts.

        That's if you don't mind mucking around with AppleScript to begin with.

        I don't know why the iTunes video player sucks, but it's probably something to do with it actually being a Quicktime plugin. I would not be surprised if it is the same Quicktime plugin that Safari uses, which also has issues, but of a completely different nature that what you describe.

        How is the behavior for you if you edit iTunes -> Preferences -> Playback -> Play Videos to be "in a separate window" rather than "in the main window"?

        I was hoping this would just spawn Quicktime, but no, it's a separate window with the Quicktime plugin.

        • pphaneuf says:

          iTunes doesn't use a plugin to do Quicktime-related things, it does it itself.

          But the problem is, iTunes is appallingly bad at anything to do with Quicktime. Such as, for example, playing Ogg Vorbis files using the Quicktime Component, which works just fine in Quicktime Player.

  1. nester says:

    I thought I was the only one who thought it sucked.. Or that maybe it was just a windows thing.

    There's nothing like having a list of stuff playing, and then all of a sudden your computer just goes to hell for a couple seconds while it tries to play a video.

    • dojothemouse says:

      And iTunes will at least sometimes continue to use all available CPU even after you've stopped the video. I wonder if this bug is crossplatform and related to the MacBook Pro magical noise solution.

  2. recursive says:

    Now imagine it on a 600 mhz G3 iBook.

  3. You can right-click on a video file, pick "Show in Finder", and double-click it from there. Sadly, I don't know of a better way.

    There's a bug report at Apple, which can be voted on, but google would know the URL better than I do.

    • atl says:

      Yes. I have set .m4v files to open in QuickTime Player, and rather than a menu-select and double click, it's now Cmd-R (Reveal in Finder), Cmd-O (Open). Not convenient to have to go via the Finder, but at least it's two easy keyboard shortcuts away.

      (I'm really keen to see this solved because it's annoying me, too.)

  4. lordshell says:

    I just downloaded Quicktime with Itunes and uninstalled Itunes. You can do that and Quicktime will remain.

  5. mcsimpson says:

    You know what'd make iTunes nice? If it could play all the different types of video that QuickTimes can.

    Even with Flip4mac and DivX for Mac installed I can't drag .wmv or .avi files into iTunes.

  6. skreidle says:

    Corresponding question: Apple made QuickTime--why does their player suck so often for AVIs, and then fail to accurately decide what additional drivers/files might be needed? I've had to Try Again in VLC far too many times.