everybody likes a little head

Thank you, Mayor gutbloom. You are doing the Lord's work.

Britney and Child as You've Never Seen Them Before:

When the press release noted that the sculpture depicts the exact moment of crowning, when baby Sean Preston's head began to peak out, you were intrigued. And when you asked why the only pictures available were front views, with no crowning shown, we had no good answer.


I can't believe they broke it already! Now it's non-returnable.

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51 Responses:

  1. nero_fiore says:

    I love how they saw it's Sean Preston crowning.....SHE HAD A CSECTION!He should've made a statue of this:

  2. dossy says:

    From the sculpture, the only thought is ...

    "Man, I'd hit that. She's a fiend for the doggy-style."

  3. omni_ferret says:

    It's widening my window.

  4. ichae says:

    it's the greatest thing since Madonna and Child!

  5. ex_sonjaaa says:

    Nice... stretch that pussy, Britney. :) Welcome to the world, baby!

  6. patrick says:

    Now my life is complete! Too bad about her legs there, though.

  7. gths says:

    The "music:" line in the entry made me laugh.

  8. gngr says:

    Now that's a brokeback mountain. How in the hell did it already break? Some weirdo snuck in and tried to ride that? *shakes head*

  9. Don't forget the front side of the statue:

  10. neutopian says:

    Every time I see that thing, I am certain that Sigourney Weaver lurks nearby.

  11. premiump says:

    YAY! About time too :o) This has made my week!

    Poor detail on the labia though ;o(

  12. ladykalessia says:

    I was just hoping that some Hungarian whackjob had taken a baseball bat to it. Oh well.

  13. jkow says:

    wonder who tried to mount it. and did he get caught breaking it?

  14. baconmonkey says:

    that pose looks so familliar

  15. webwench says:

    They could have at least made the status realistic... what, 'she' is gonna push that baby out uphill? Moronic.

    "I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthing no babies, Miss Scarlett."

  16. drhoz says:

    "Push Me Baby, One More Time" ?

  17. lizard_lord says:

    Just... argh. Do post something else, would you, so this picture gets pushed down a little on the page?
    It's just that my eyes start hurting every time I open your journal page. The suffering (mixed with a kind of morbid fascination) just doesn't go away like it normally does :/

    • photwenny says:

      Use his RSS feed. Duh. Then the computer can hurt its eyes for you until jamie updates.

      • lizard_lord says:

        Good suggestion, in case you can recommend an RSS reader that does not suck(tm). So far, I have found none, but I'll be happy to try new options. For instance, which one do you use?

        • photwenny says:

          I use Feed on Feeds ( http://feedonfeeds.com/ ), though I'm about 9 versions behind.

          I won't say that it doesn't suck, but I think it sucks less than most. Mainly I like it cuz its server-based, so I can access it from multiple locations.

          Go in with low expectations and its harder to be disappointed.

  18. moomin13 says:

    hmm, that made my day.