Dear Industrial Music, didn't we break up?

For a bunch of neo-nazis, Funker Vogt sure write some pussy music. How's this for cognitive dissonance: a bunch of guys in camo and white power tattoos, and all they listen to is warmed-over "Boys Say Go".
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34 Responses:

  1. hafnir says:

    Actually I was thinking Wilson Phillips (as in Harold & Kumar - they're EXTREME).

  2. dmlaenker says:

    A friend of mine goes to Goth/industrial clubs in full Israeli paratrooper regalia. He's scared the hell out of some of the regulars, apparently.

  3. baconmonkey says:

    I stopped paying attention to them after realizing that every song they do is a cover of the Can-Can from Orpheus.

    • bdu says:

      we're riding riding riding
      on the future-popper boat
      but all our songs sound same-ish
      and we don't play a note.

  4. anaisdjuna says:

    A Pussy birthed you. Pussies are *strong* and fierce!

  5. funker vogt are really grown up ooopa loompas in white paramilitary clothing!

  6. bdu says:

    Well, these ARE the guys who wrote "Shaven". Nuff said.

  7. anti_tim says:

    Yeah, but I noticed frontline assembly is playing on 666.

    That's one hell of a non-coincidence!

  8. ioerror says:

    Aren't these the guys that canceled their tour after 9/11/01 because they were afraid of the possible violence? Or was that some other industrial band?

  9. bifrosty2k says:

    I saw them at the DNA, they put on a good show, but the music is simplistic. I guess I missed the white power tats but I got to hang around outside with them while their lead singer sobered up heh. That was pretty funny, my random broken german amused them. I suppose if I wasn't tall and very white they might've taken offense...

  10. weev says:

    Funker Vogt is anti-Semitic?

    • rauz says:

      No they're not nazis. It's just some clichè he's ascribed to them since they're ze hard german EBM-soldiers.