Arthur C. Clarke fashion

The corresponding article isn't very interesting, except for this bit of religious nutjobbery over daylight savings time:

The Venerable Gnanawimala says the change moved the country to a spiritual plane 500 miles east of where it should be. "After this change I feel that many troubles have been caused to Sri Lanka. Tsunamis and other natural disasters have been taking place."

but this picture of Arthur C. Clarke wearing a t-shirt that says "I INVENTED THE SATELLITE AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT" is awesome...

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3 Responses:

  1. hatter says:

    Pah, we named an award after him, and everything. Still, that t-shirt does rock quite hard.

    the hatter

  2. haran says:

    Ha. Its not really about Daylight savings, though.
    Thats the official stance but I've heard that the reason they deviated from Indian Standard Time in '96 was that the then-President's numerologist suggested it would be better for the country because, um, something.

    Clarke's stance on the whole thing is bullshit though.
    And yeah, thats a sweet T-Shirt.

  3. nelc says:

    Meh. The tee would work better if it had got it right: "I invented the geostationary satellite and yadda-yadda."