I, for one, welcome our new japanese mechagimp overlord vaporware

So this thing is in the news again, but I first saw pictures of it three years ago.

The researchers say it could take another five years before the robot can be used by the elderly. At present, the device is slow and needs modifications to carry heavy loads.

I think it's time give up, guys. Or at least stop trotting out the same demo over and over. Or at least dress it up.

Also, Environmentally friendly hand grenades.

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Up next: Amish porn

Muslim Athletic Wear Covers Skin Without Cramping Style:

A Muslim woman prepares to dive wearing swimwear specially designed to enhance athletic performance while upholding the Koranic principle of modesty.
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What Would Jesus Drive?

Thursday, April 27, 2006, clergy from around the Washington, DC and MD area will gather in downtown DC to pray for the lowering of gas prices.
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The Cutest Razor-Wire In The World

Sweet Dreams Security:

Coming soon: fur-lined brass knuckles.

These would go well with a rotating bookcase door, I guess.

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The Anus Motion

The Anus Motion, not to be confused with The Chewbacca Defense.
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(Not that I give a shit about Sun -- I actually wouldn't be that surprised to learn that they went out of business in 1998 and I just didn't notice -- but that pie chart is teh funny.)

Also: Ha ha, that program sucked.


soviet playground sculptures, apparently

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