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Dear Industrial Music, didn't we break up?

For a bunch of neo-nazis, Funker Vogt sure write some pussy music. How's this for cognitive dissonance: a bunch of guys in camo and white power tattoos, and all they listen to is warmed-over "Boys Say Go".
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Print me a heart and a set of arteries

Other tissue engineers have tried printing 3D structures, using modified ink-jet printers which spray cells suspended in liquid. Now Forgacs and a company called Sciperio have developed a device with printing heads that extrude clumps of cells mechanically so that they emerge one by one from a micropipette. This results in a higher density of cells in the final printed structure, meaning that an authentic tissue structure can be created faster.

Cells seem to survive the printing process well. When layers of chicken heart cells were printed they quickly begin behaving as they would in a real organ. "After 19 hours or so, the whole structure starts to beat in a synchronous manner," says Forgacs.

Most tissue engineers trying to build 3D structures start with a scaffold of the desired shape, which they seed with cells and grow for weeks in the lab. This is how Anthony Atala of Wake Forest University and his colleagues grew the bladders which he successfully implanted into seven people. But if tissue engineering goes mainstream, faster and cheaper methods will be a boon. "Bioprinting is the way to go," says Vladimir Mironov, a tissue engineer at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

So much cooler than the CakeJet.

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what year is it? let me check the calendar.

Great news everybody! The new Mozilla Calendar stores its calendar files in a local SQL database instead of ICS files, ensuring that the only way to actually get your data back out will be to use some Mozilla tool that understands their private database schema, instead of just copying the file! Why? Because, much like mbox files, ICS files have...

wait for it...
wait for it...

poor performance characteristics! Bwaaahahaha!

It's like watching an infant totter toward a porcupine. Again.

You may recall that my inability to get any of the three disjoint, out-of-sync, perma-alpha Mozilla Calendar codebases ("Calendar Mozilla plugin", "Calendar Firefox plugin", and "Sunbird") to function at all was one of the primary reasons I finally gave up and bought a Mac. I must say, even with all the hardware trouble I've been having, this news made me so very glad I made that decision, because it means that their fourth attempt to reconstruct the calendar and finally get it out of alpha is something I'll never have to even think about the possibility of ever trying to run.

Shame about the Google Hegemon eating their lunch, too.

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