Internet Discovery Leads To Mascot Ban

"Additionally, the city council unanimously passed a resolution changing the name of the baseball team, and requesting all visiting teams with animal mascots to leave them at home."

"This sort of thing hurts everyone who enjoys being a mascot."

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the hairrorists have already won

Straight-A Student Pulled From Class Over Hair Color

MARSHALL, Mo. -- An eighth-grader was taken out of class Tuesday because of her hair coloring, KMBC-TV in Kansas City reported. An administrator at Bueker Middle School said the girl's red highlights were distracting to other students. School officials said there is a rule at Bueker that hairstyles that are distracting to the educational process are not allowed.

The 14-year-old, who is a straight-A student, said the school's assistant principal told her she had to go to in-school suspension and that she would be there until her hair is fixed.

Meanwhile, Kristen said the hair coloring was an accident. She didn't expect the highlights to be so strong and she plans to tone it down as soon as possible.

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