everybody likes a little head

Thank you, Mayor gutbloom. You are doing the Lord's work.

Britney and Child as You've Never Seen Them Before:

When the press release noted that the sculpture depicts the exact moment of crowning, when baby Sean Preston's head began to peak out, you were intrigued. And when you asked why the only pictures available were front views, with no crowning shown, we had no good answer.


I can't believe they broke it already! Now it's non-returnable.

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XScreenSaver 5.00b3

XScreenSaver 5.00b3 out now.

  • Should be a lot faster. (It needs to be faster still, but it's much better.)
  • Crashes in CGBitmapContextCreate should be gone.
  • Sonar can ping! Turns out DGRAM ICMP works unprivileged on OSX.

See todo.

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I have now been cursed with the knowledge of the most addictive flash game I've seen since Bubbels:


If you can't pick up a knotted piece of string without untying it, whatever you do, do not click that link!

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