XScreenSaver 5.00b1

I've decided it deserves to be called a "beta" instead of an "alpha" now. Whee. And I've updated the XScreenSaver Web Superstore to acknowledge that there are now both MacOS and X11 versions. Let me know if all that sounds sensible (the audience has changed a lot, after all). Get source and binary from the Download page. And as always, the todo list is the stuff I'm still begging for help with.
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  1. terryray says:

    The What's New page does not seem to mention the Mac at all.

  2. invdaic says:

    Shouldn't the downloads page read something like:

    "The XScreenSaver collection is available below as a DMG containing all 200+ screen savers (except flurry and xsublim)."

    • jwz says:

      Well, see, flurry is already installed by default on OSX (it's actually the same code -- the xscreensaver version is a port of the Mac version) and xsublim isn't really a screen saver at all.

      • invdaic says:

        Well, yeah, I understand your reasoning for not including them. I'm just saying right now the download page says the DMG contains "all 200+" screen savers. And you'll get some moron later complaining that they wanted flurry or xsublim and it isn't there.

        I know, it's nit-pickey, but I thought I'd mention it.

        • jwz says:

          So I'll get some moron later complaining about that, is that what you're saying?

          • invdaic says:

            Probably multiple morons. Right now you're working with a smaller subset of morons. But I'll just take the hint and shut up now.

  3. xah_lee says:

    have you decided to axe the worthless ones?

    if not, please, esp for the Mac audience, please axe some 30% of them.

  4. legolas says:

    The TODO list ask for applescript for creating an icon in your .savers. IIRC these .savers are bundles, i.e. directories?

    If I read this correctly: http://lists.apple.com/archives/carbon-dev/2005/Jan/msg00427.html
    this should be possible like this:
    put the icon in a file called "Icon\r" (with a carriage return at the end of the file name, yuck), and turn on the flag for custom icons on the folder using "SetFile -a C " (which I found here http://corz.org/osx/su/setfile.php). There's probably an applescript way to do that to, but I hate applescript.

    That should be easily put in an applescript, or better yet directly into whatever you use to drive your builds, I think?

    I'm sorry to say that I'm at home however, where I don't have a mac to check the correctness of this! I also have not found anything about the format of these files. Create one using copy paste on the Get Info of a folder and check what format it is perhaps?

    • jwz says:

      Thanks, that was the hint I needed... I went looking for a way to create that file (since I don't know a command-line way to stuff arbitrary data into a resource fork) and I found osxutils, which contains a handy "seticon" program that does exactly this!

  5. dougygyro says:

    I told it to "use desktop image", and when I then told it to test the saver it instantly crashed the preference pane. I can go back into System Preferences, but as soon as I try to grab BSOD (and thereby it attempts to preview in the window) it crashes again.

    Also, my hot corners now also crash, because it's trying to access BSOD.

    12" Powerbook 1.33GHz, 10.4.5

    I could of course trash the .saver file, but BSOD is my favorite so far. Where are the preferences for the screen saver held? Would trashing those fix this?

    • jwz says:

      rm Library/Preferences/ByHost/org.jwz.xscreensaver.*

      • dougygyro says:

        That fixed it.

        • jwz says:

          Can you make it happen again? If so, what shows up in /Library/Logs/Console/*/console.log? There may also be something in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ScreenSaverEngine* or System Preferences*.

          • dougygyro says:

            i'll try poking at it tonight.

            No files exist at the locations you list here, nor does anything suspicious appear in the Console.app listing.

            Funny thing, when System Preferences.app was crashing earlier, the stupid little "this application just crashed" window did not pop up. System Preferences.app simply disappeared.

            I have no idea why this is so, but this may be related to why no logs exist anywhere...

  6. technotronic says:

    I miss the rant on the main xscreensaver page about not porting it to windows.