This Radio Shack robot kit sounds pretty cool -- Mythbusters Test The Vex Robotic Design System. (Flash monstrosity official site.)
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  1. greatbiggary says:

    I didn't realize this was a Radio Shack kit. The pain of my high school summer job returns, along with what I thought was a fully repressed memory of those damn Aptiva machines singing "ap-TEE-va" every 5 minutes for the entire day. It got to the point that I could just feel when it was going to happen, and would mindlessly chant along with it, all my internal clocks rewired to Aptiva demo time. Still, this track bot does look pretty badass. I wonder if it'll ask me for my address and phone number, and if I'd also like some batteries or a cellphone with that.

    Unrelatedly, I'm not sure if you've seen it, but betentacled warning signs seemed a perfect fit for this place.

  2. mackys says:

    My second issue of ROBOT magazine (yeah, I already subscribed. I'm such a Mythbusters whore) came with a little card to send in and enter a drawing to win this very same packbot that the MB built. Second and third prizes in the drawing are a $300 Vex Robotics starter kit. (Which might be even better, actually...)

  3. jkonrath says:

    This is a dangerous post - I work right above a Rat Shack, and now I'm very tempted to go down there at lunch and break out the plastic. has some cool third-party parts too, including a pneumatic system, in case you get stumped on trying to retrofit high-torque servos.

    • jkonrath says:

      Radio Shack has the kits and all accessories for 50% off until the end of the month. I just picked up the kit plus some rechargable batteries, the programming kit, some tank treads, and a couple of other little things for just less than $300. I'll post a report once I get the full teledildonics setup working.

  4. buz says:

    10 YEAR OLD

    (and this thing will be cheaper by the time he's old enough for me to buy * one!)

    * = HIM - really.