Today in Japanese Amputee Sex Doll news

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  1. lilmissnever says:

    I'm particularly fond of the limbless torsos in the last picture, tastefully surrounded by happy stuffed animals.

    • ammonoid says:

      It looks like both the 3 eyed alien and Hello Kitty are staring at the boobs on the torsos.

    • billemon says:

      "For the Furry a complimentary mannequin the animal to satisfy"

      • mistressvenera says:

        May be you're right..
        But I think somebode may really nedd such a thing.

  2. imsaguy says:

    "Mommy. I want off this ride"

  3. ammitbeast says:


    I'll be frightened when a Japanese sex-doll company buys Sony's robotics division.

    Worse: A sex-doll company buys the iRobot folks who make the Roomba.

    (And you know it will be a sex-doll company, not the other way around... since the former will make more money than the latter, and the combined company will make more money than either one alone. Also, the shit would fly if a robotics company specifically looks at adding sex functions to their robotics line, but...)

    • belgand says:

      Bah... we'll just get a sexy robot maid/concubine. Almost certainly in an anime style. The Japanese are probably already lining up to buy it.

      If it came to US it would be devoid not only of the more obviously sexy nature, but also the sex organs and programming so you could fuck it. It would still be designed to look sexy, but it would also lack any personality. People would still lust after it (and be expected to do so), but feel guilty for doing so and be completely unable to act on their impulses.

      Who's really sicker?

      • ammitbeast says:

        I think you miss my point.

        How sick is it that it would take a sex doll company to make the mods, rather than the robotics company having the guts to do what so many people are hoping they'll do? (The image of a Roomba suckbot is just wrong, of course. At least give it some tits.)

        There are troubling aspects to it either way. People disassociating from other humans to have an uncomplicated relationship with a fuckbot (or call it a whackbot, if you prefer). Puritans denying shut-ins and the infirmed from enjoying some solitary pleasure... and probably trying to keep erotica and porn away from them, too.

        I can see both problems, but would rather err on the side of letting people do what they'll do anyway so long as they are informed adults and do not harm humans or animals in the pursuit of sexual gratification.

        Of course, once the fuckbots become self-aware and form a union, all bets are off.

        • belgand says:

          Personlly I don't want a Roomba suckbot. Not for some holier-than-thou reason, but just because I don't think it would feel particularly good.

          I think just about everyone wants a sexy robot maid / fuckbot /poolboy they just don't want to admit it. Futurama more or less explored this same territory pretty well I feel (and again, the main problem is when you give up and begin to start prefering the robot exclusively) showing the pros and cons of the scenario.

          While I bashed on American puritans pretty hard (and I still believe they'd rather lust after a robot and deny themselves while feeling bad about it than just not lust after robots) the Japanese would also probably make it incredibly submissive (duh) and it would cry while you have sex with it.

          Once the fuckbots became self-aware you'd have a whole other sick subset of perverts who would enjoy brutalizing them in various ways. A fuckbot that just blindly does what it's told without self-awareness wouldn't be interesting, but one who loathes what it is or who can say that it wants more than just sex or doesn't want sex at all... they'd be all over that. Then the cycle would repeat with... hell... nanobots?

    • jwz says:

      You mean Woomba?

      • ammitbeast says:

        Yeah, I saw that, too.

        Not sure what you'd call a Roomba with a suckbot mod. Maybe a Hooverba?

    • loveguide says:

      Nice idea.. I'm sure that it will be realised.

  4. ammonoid says:

    Now I understand why they need dolls. No human woman's legs will do that. At least not without ripping a few tendons first.

    • twid says:

      O RLY?

      • spider88 says:

        Yes, but what she want to get fucked in that position?

      • ammonoid says:

        No rly. Her feet are behind her head, not sticking out sideways like wings. Humans can put their feet behind their head (I am aware of this). Putting them outsideways requires a meat cleaver.

        • twid says:

          I can't bring myself to continue an argument about the physical accuracy of a Japanese amputee sex doll.

          You win.

        • jsl32 says:

          you are incorrect. i will grant that contortionists do not specialise in that particular type of pose, but having seen it and done it before, i feel pretty confident stating that it's possible for human women. unless you think i and those other lasses are aliens who think they are human. i feel this is not the case.

  5. baconmonkey says:

    you so need to mount your robot monkey head on a mannequin.

  6. elanswer says:

    OMG the flash animation! *dies*

  7. xtkayx says:

    crazy thoughts...

  8. kamaraga says:

    So you're a Japanese salaryman, living life in a slightly-damp polyester suit, spending 90 hours a week slaving away at a pointless, demeaning job in a vast and soulless corporation where you pretend to cheerfully sing the company song and bow politely to kiss your superior's ass and fetch drinks for him and the secretary that he's banging this week. You're too poor and too unimportant and too busy to even think of having a relationship of your own, but it's not like anyone would give you a second glance. Your hole-in-the-wall apartment in a crime-infested part of the city is so expensive that you can't even think of looking for a new job because you'll default on your ever-growing interest payments. You live alone with your mother, and when you come home she berates you for being a disgrace to your noble ancestors and all you can do is bow and mutter shame-filled "sumimasen" apologies. The only thing that keeps you afloat in this grim meathook present is wanking to tentacle rape porn while wearing soiled panties on your head which you bought from a vending machine; banging amputee dolls dressed up as kindergartners; and watching videos of screaming girls with meat strapped to their heads being chased by wild animals. But what happens when this final comfort isn't enough? What happens when the kink just isn't dirty enough to do the trick? It's like the end of the movie "Salo", where you should be freaked out by the horrible things the Italian libertines are doing during their final, bloody orgy as the Allied bombs explode in the background, but instead of being appalled, you just feel bored. What are you supposed to do then?

  9. krick says:

    What the hell is this disturbing thing...

  10. krick says:

    This looks like a shot from "Seymour Butts' Amputee Extravaganza 7"...

  11. curious_jp says:

    I hate these things. You can be wandering in a shop which isn't even apparently an adult store, looking at old hardware or magazines or whatever, and then you look up and bam ampu-pussy. Hanging from the goddamn ceiling.

    -- curious_jp

  12. fantasygoat says:

    I get the whole "amputee sex doll" thing. But what's with it looking like Nana Mouskouri?

  13. xah_lee says:

    the Glorification of Female with Limblessness
    Xah Lee, 20040201

    • saltation_lj says:

      just noticed copypaste error. first should have been:

      • kamaraga says:

        Sweet, thanks for the links. I spent a while researching how these things were made. The polystyrene foam used here radically simplifies the process of sculpting large objects when compared to traditional methods using wood, chicken-wire or clay. You just hot glue the chunks of foam together and then use a hot knife or saw to quickly carve the shape. The foam is lightweight, durable, waterproof and inexpensive. However, there are drawbacks -- cutting with a saw produces an incredible amount of dust, cutting with a hot knife produces toxic fumes, and when you're finished, you need to encase the entire surface of the model with a thick layer of filler to get a nice, paintable surface. I'll definitely have to give this a try.

        More info:
        - Foam modeling tutorial
        - Types of foam
        - Videos of styrene cutting tools in action
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