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Stupid computers.

I took my iMac back to the store today, for the third time in the nine months I've owned it. The current problem is that the fans are on constantly, and the thing is twice as loud as my refrigerator. It's completely silent just after it boots, but after exactly 5 minutes the fans start ramping up, and by 10 minutes, they're on in "windtunnel mode". This is true even if the machine is just sitting at the first page of the installation DVD. I've reset the SMU, PRAM, and NVRAM, so they're giving me a new logic board, again.

And when I was dropping it off today, the guy in front of me was complaining about the exact same problem! If I heard him right, he had also just had his logic board replaced. And the tech was looking like he'd never heard of this fan thing before.

How about that.

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  1. lx says:

    Is that current music listing a joke, or the result of an automated process that ran into a wall?

  2. xhugglesx says:

    An old roommate was having logic board problems with his old ibook, there was a recall so apple replaced it. But apparently they replaced it with a refurbished board and not a new one, so he also had to return it a few times.

    • tarzxf says:

      Did that 3 times, 4th time I said enough, and demanded a new iBook. Suprisingly, they agreed.

      Also took that opportunity to swap all the good parts into my brother's iBook.

      • matt_od says:

        that is because apple has a "third time is the charm" policy, so if, on the third time, you are not charmed, they will replace it

  3. bifrosty2k says:

    Things like this drive me nuts, but then again I have like 15 computers sitting in my office right now... most of them work.
    I've never been fond of all-in-one computers, but the iMacs are sexy, I guess the problems make that sexyness fade.
    Perhaps iMacs are like women; "smart, sexy sane - pick two"

  4. imsaguy says:

    I can't help but to smirk.. Its nice to hear, but sucks for you individually and I empathize with you, that a mac user is having problems. I hear people tell me I am a n00b or stupid or whatever for liking Windoze, but I believe that both products are comperable and that if both were on the same usage scale, they would have similar quantities of 'problems'.

    Now that I'm done with that... at what point do you get a new-to-you computer instead of the same b0rked one?

    • twid says:

      Now that I'm done with that... at what point do you get a new-to-you computer instead of the same b0rked one?

      On the 4th repair.

      Me: iMac Rev. A.

      - Bad hard drive
      - Bad hard drive
      - Logic board
      - Bad hard drive (heat problems on the rev A burn hard drives)
      - Replaced with iMac G5 rev C. (for free)
      - Six weeks later, bad video
      - Replace with iMac Intel (for free)

      The iMac Intel is awesome. (knock on wood.)

      • rodgerd says:

        The answer *must*, "Not very long", or you'd just be waiting for your Rev A product to give up the ghost.

        • twid says:

          I'm not sure how to parse your response. Perhaps you think I meant a first gen iMac? I meant iMac G5 rev A, of course.

    • jwz says:

      You are a stupid n00b for liking Windows. Go away.

    • bifrosty2k says:

      I can't help but to smirk..

      HW Problems != OS Problems

      • imsaguy says:

        But up until the Appletel, they ARE the same thing (at least for Apple). I don't see many windows pc's running off apple hardware or vice versa.

    • ciphergoth says:

      See, I thought that, and then I thought about all the hair-rending problems I've had with PC hardware over the years.

    • darkengobot says:

      I like getting used laptops. You don't pay that annoying early-adopter tax, and assuming you buy the thing from a person or place that isn't crooked or incompetent, you're fairly well assured that you aren't buying a machine with severe personality defects.

      You also have the mutant super-power of 20/20 hindsight. If you bought a used 5300 after the reports of battery fires, you did so fully knowing that you might have just paid money for a timebomb.

      My 667mhz Titanium Powerbook isn't exactly a speed demon, but it runs 10.3 just fine; I can do reasonably large Photoshop work without too much pain; and while it's covered in chips and dings, it runs just peachy. Not completely quirk-free (nothing is), but no show-stoppers.

  5. roninspoon says:

    I've had a few of the G5 iMacs come in for that repair, and usually a logic board swap fixes the problem. In some cases it takes a power supply swap to resolve it.

    Interestingly enough, I was on the phone with my Apple sales rep the other day finalising a large purchase of Intel iMacs and inquired if they had received any complaints about the first shipments of them. I related that I wasn't keen on buying first gen Apple hardware and I didn't want to have any repeats of the logic board problems seen in the first shipments of 17" and 20" iMacs.

    He responded that he wasn't aware of any wide scale problems like I was describing. He's a salesman though, they can't always be trusted.

  6. kfringe says:

    I find the number of people who wind up naming their Mac "traitor" to be somewhat alarming. Why must Apple tempt me to their hardware with such sweet, sweet software candy?

    Whatever. I used to drive British cars. It can't be worse than that, can it?

  7. vees says:

    Here's me and my girlfriend with an iPod Mini that won't hold a charge, and a counter full of people with the exact same problem. This salesman decided after the third couple to stop playing dumb.

    • ciphergoth says:

      Heh. Recommendation to anyone else doing this: instead of full-screening the picture on your laptop, take an A3 colour printout. They don't have close buttons...

    • One can only hope that it is one bad <ahem>apple</ahem> and not a directive from corporate to be like that. Still sucks for you, though. Apple are not the only ones who do this sort of thing. It is just that they sort of foster an image of being better than that.

      At least your screen didn't scratch really easily.

      • dojothemouse says:

        It's like the Zimbardo Prison experiment. It doesn't matter if it's a directive from corporate or not. Being in that position will make you into someone who doesn't trust customers, and for good reason. Corporate sets inane policies (send people home for ROM upgrades that won't fix their problems), and that accelerates the process.

        There has to be a "directive from corporate" to not be like that, and it would involve burning more money. Because the most personally caustic thing about that job has to be that most of the people in line want a new device that costs between $200 and $3500, and you have to sort out whether or not they should get it. And that sucks.

    • adaptively says:

      Okay, so you had a problem that (supposedly) wasn't related to dropping your iPod.

      Do you know how many angry people come in with dropped, cracked, broken iPods that the Genius Bar has to turn away? They're the reason that Apple won't replace hardware with even minor wear and tear.

      You have no reason to get angry with a repair tech for asking you questions about mistreating your iPod when 75% of the people coming in are demanding replacements for something that they have no idea how to keep in working order. Showing off your picture to the rest of the queue (when you had no clue whether or not they dropped it and might just be scrounging for ideas to get a new one) isn't going to help anybody, and in fact is just going to make your own wait period longer, as now the techs must do battery tests on every single iPod in the line because you went ahead and gave everybody else an easy out.

      Ugh, I'm so glad I don't work there anymore...

  8. Shit, I'VE heard of this problem and I try not to pay attention to Mac talk.

  9. vi_z says:

    I see now why people are so much in love with their iMacs. It's like a dog: you need to go out regularly with it ;-)

  10. nyankolove says:

    fwiw, every mac i've owned goes into windtunnel mode during the installation process. i could hazard some guesses as to why, but the point is i don't think it's an abnormality, and therefore not an accurate indicator of a hardware problem in and of itself.

    • jwz says:

      But the installer doesn't go into windtunnel mode before you've even clicked the ok button on the first screen.

  11. zebe says:

    Do you have AppleCare on your iMac? If not you may consider buying it soon (you only have until 1 year after the purchase date). At least that way you're covered a bit longer, and maybe if it happens again in 3 more months, you could get a replacement (based on some other posters' experiences).

  12. benediktus says:

    my sincere condolence... the first powermac g5 dual series had a similar problem. it was like starting a jet on my desk. after hundreds of customers made that issue attentive, apple finally released a firmware update (as usual). seems to be their policy, though.

    a common fix (as some suggest) could be: setting the processor performance in the energy saving preferences to "highest". i assume that knocks out the buggy fan control state (i used that as workaround before the patch came and it worked just fine). but since your mac is already in the slaughterhouse, it is best to just ora et labora.

  13. mbacarella says:

    Junk the motherfucker already.

    Your super will appreciate the parts.

  14. zoratu says:

    As inconvenient as it is, these problems could just as easily be happening on another platform, except that you would be stuck with dissatisfying software, too.

  15. psmacleod says:

    My mac did that until a tech came and ran a "fan calibration" utility, and that fixed the problem. If it crashes in the night, as happens once every few months, it'll be blowing full blast in the morning.

  16. fxl says:

    I hope 1000 people have not sent this to you already...

    I saw this and it reminded me of your fan issue.

    Glad to hear it was a dumb tech issue and not another product defect.