The Lord Our Dog

We had a little photo shoot at DNA yesterday for baconmonkey's new MEAT flyer, which turned out pretty well:

Now, I seem to recall at some point having seen the Last Supper re-enacted by Poker Dogs, but I can't find it now. Please assist. (It's not this, and it's not this, though both are commendable.)

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  1. jwm says:

    <lj-raw>The first item that appears on Google image search using the term "dog supper":


  2. sherbooke says:

    our pig-in-shit
    bacon be thy name
    thy crispy pork-scratchings be nice and yummy (except in pubs)
    thy extra-thick shoulder rashers be done
    in my frying-pan as it is on my plate
    give us this day lots of Parkinson Porkers
    and forgive us a little chicken tandoori on the side
    as we forgive those who sneak some rice crispies at breakfast
    and lead us not into the sty of oblivion
    but deliver us from swine-fever
    thy legs nice, thick and tender
    thy shoulders juicy and succulent
    for a few extra minutes in the oven
    or we'll get tape-worm


    btw, the 3 women on the left look particularly hot.

  3. kolene says:

    There's also the Last Pancake Breakfast

  4. taffer says:

    Maybe I gave up too early:I liked this better, despite the lack of dogs.

  5. m_leprae says:

    This was the best I could do.