The Collapse of the Perito Moreno

The Perito Moreno is a giant mess of ice that flows out of the mountains in the southern Argentine province of Santa Cruz, near El Calafate, looking for trouble. In a world of sissy nature that requires protection, handholding, wilderness reserves, careful study and constant medical attention, the Perito Moreno glacier is a refreshing throwback. This glacier wants you dead. It wants to come out and crush you under billions of tons of ice, carve its name into your face, and maraud out into the plains of Patagonia until it reaches the sea. You don't have to go into the mountains looking for the Perito Moreno - it's coming out of the mountains to look for you. It wants to come over there and mess you up good.

3 Responses:

  1. liveavatar says:

    Goddamn but that is wonderful stuff. Thanks for letting me know this exists! Didn't have to think twice about adding the feed. (I'm so glad I used to teach speed reading, or my friends list would be completely unmanageable.)

  2. cocoajava says:

    Best annotation EVER.

  3. st_arbirix says:

    dear gods that's genius