stupid iTunes

So here's something really dumb:

  • You've been feeding CDs into iTunes and ripping them.
  • As they were being ripped, you were going through "Recently Added" and fix up the ones that have missing or bogus ID3 data.
  • Now you want to be a nice guy and submit your changes back to CDDB.
  • Nope. Can't get there from here.

As far as I can tell, the only way to make "Submit CD Track Names" work is to do the editing in the pseudo-playlist window that appears when the CD is inserted. If you've edited the metadata in any other window, there's no way to get those edits back into the "CD" window. This also means that you have to do all your editing before letting iTunes rip anything, or else (again) you have to do it twice.

bodyfour: I typed in all the info for your DG mix, but oh well. There's no fuckin' way I'm gonna do that a second time.

I guess maybe this could be repaired with Applescript, but I'd rather eat lint.

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26 Responses:

  1. the lint would prolly give you badly needed fiber too :-p

  2. bodyfour says:

    That's odd... I typed in all the info on my mix CD and submitted them on Sunday night. (Actually I did all of them but David's — I wasn't sure if he wanted to keep the identity of his hidden track secret or not) So it should have been in the CDDB database already.

    • jwz says:

      Well, it isn't. Ed's isn't in there either. Also whoever entered Mollie's, Merrick's and David's was a dumbass and listed the dj as the artist, and stuck the actual artist in with the title.

      I also enjoy the "Look out! Here come's an S!" use of the apostrophe on Mollie's CD (both the printed version and the CDDB data).

      • bodyfour says:

        Shit. I guess that's a half-hour of cutting-and-pasting that I'll never get back. Is "submit CD track names" just a NOP on iTunes or something?

        I specifically did them myself to avoid the problem of people entering the data all wrong.

        I wonder how many of the other CDs I've submitted info for that just went into the bit bucket?

        • jwz says:

          Next time you guys ought to just include a data track that already has MP3s pre-munged with ID3 and album art and whatnot.

          • Isn't there some CD-Text option with audio CDs? k3b certainly offers to write it out. Does anything actually _use_ this?

            • wetzel says:

              i had a rio mp3/cd player that read CD text once.
              it died after about a month.

              i've never seen any product since that reads CD text. that includes all software i've seen. except maybe one sony minidisc program years ago which never worked anyway.

            • sixty4k says:

              EAC can read and write them, but nothing else I've come across does.

            • bodyfour says:

              Yes, but (like everything about Red Book Audio) it's completely magical.

              The master copies of my DG anniversary CDs both this year and last had full CD-Text info. Neither time did this data survive the duplication process.

              Also iTunes doesn't read CD-Text anyway.

            • karlshea says:

              I've only seen one piece of software, ever, that did.

              However, the last 4 car stereos I've had all displayed the CD-Text.

            • fantasygoat says:

              The Alpine head unit in my car supports it quite well. I discovered this when I made Nero Burning ROM CDs and it would automatically fill in the track names and artist from the mp3 info.

        • netik says:

          Why'd you add them with the DJ's name as the Artist, though? They didn't write the songs, and it screwed up my metadata. You actually did original work on one of the five CD's, and deserve credit, but the other CDs are just copies of tracks.

          Ah well. I fixed it.

          • bodyfour says:

            > Why'd you add them with the DJ's name as the Artist, though?

            Are you having reading comprehension problems today, John? The entire point of this discussion is that the (correct) data I pain-stakingly entered on Sunday did not stick in the database. The (incorrect) data which you see in CDDB was entered later by persons unknown.

            When I entered the data the first time all the artists were listed correctly.

            • netik says:

              No, I read just fine. Jwz said the same thing:

              Did you enter these correctly into iTunes and the CDDB upload got munged, or was it munged prior to your upload? If you can determine what you did, I know people on the iTunes team who might be able to file a bug and fix this.

              It seems that some data that you wrote stuck in CDDB just fine. The question is, was it destroyed during the upload?

              • bodyfour says:

                > Did you enter these correctly into iTunes and the CDDB upload got munged, or was it munged prior to your upload?

                ARG!!! Ok, once more real slow like.

                The actions I took on Sunday night:

                • Entered all the data for Mollie's, Ed's, Merrick's, and my CDs
                • All of these had artist/song correctly listed
                • Each of them was submitted on iTunes 6.0.4 via "Advanced>>Submit CD Track Names" Each of these operations completed successfully
                • I did nothing with David's disc because I wasn't sure what he wanted to do with one of the tracks

                The state of the DB observed on Wednesday:

                • There is no data for Ed's or my CDs
                • There is data for the other 3 CDs but the artist/song info is munged in exactly the same manner that a lot of compilations which had their CDDB data submitted by people who don't know what they're doing

                My theory of what happened:

                • The data I entered on Sunday did not stick at all for some reason. Maybe Gracenote was having problems, or maybe my iTunes is fucked up. Who knows
                • Some other person took the CDs they received on Monday night and entered the data for three of them
                • This person made the typical newbie mistake when setting metadata on a compilation.

                Your theory:

                • No, there was no other submitter — the data that you and jwz both received from Gracenote was from me
                • The data for Ed's and my CDs was apparently lost by Gracenote since it's not there now
                • ...but the entries for Mollie's and Merrick's CDs are the data I entered. So either I'm lying when I say that the artist/song settings were correct, or I'm the victim of some bizarre iTunes bug that mangles the metadata in the exact same way that newbie's always fuck up entering comps
                • ...and this bug apparently also manifested itself by pulling the tracklist for David's CD from the fucking æther since I never entered that data at all

                Do you see yet why I don't think you've been reading very closely?

      • bodyfour says:

        BTW, I re-submitted the track listing for my CD. Could you check if it shows up now?

        • jwz says:

          Nyet. I put the disc in and did Advanced / Get CD Track Names and got the "This CD was not found in the CDDB database" dialog. iTunes 6.0.4 (3).

  3. By CDDB, do you mean FreeDB or the Gracenote scumbags?