Milky Lovers is a sex-doll brothel.
Meet the Uncanny Corpses:

It is someone's job to clean these.

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19 Responses:

  1. lordshell says:

    Talk about your bad part-time jobs!

    • phenyx says:

      Once upon a time one of my friends and I decided that "Mop boy at Show World" was the canonical Undesirable Job.

      This is in the same ballpark.

      • greyface says:

        I'd guess that this is worse though. The long stick between the mop-boy and the mop-slop is an advantage that I don't see as possible to pass onto the doll-cleaner.

  2. psymbiotic says:

    It is someone's job to clean these.



  3. 33mhz says:

    The one with pink hair is by far the creepiest, as her name (Ayame) is written with the character for "kill" and is clearly derived from ayameru, to kill or wound.

    • greyface says:

      They were probably intending the "Spoil, reduce" reading of the kanji.

      • cacepi says:

        They were probably intending the "Spoil, reduce" reading of the kanji.

        Yeah, reduce you into an oil spot on the floor.

        Dude, she has pink hair and red eyes. That ain't natural.

  4. azul_ros says:

    Eewww!! That just sounds nasty!!!

  5. fantasygoat says:

    Can't be any worse than the floor at DNA.

  6. inkbot says:

    "After I undressed her, I was upset to see that her head hadn't been properly screwed on."

    *chuckles* man, i hate it when that happens...

  7. nightrider says:

    Hmm... For about 120 bucks you get one for 2 hours, for 150 you get 3 hours.The really scary part? I bet you need reservations a week ahead of time.Oh yeah... and I love Google's translator:

    Before you play with the doll, pouring the shower by all means, that it receives, we ask.The customer it does the utilization method of the doll and, is to be with it is infinite.Even damage and corruption other than the body fluids paying attention, if it can receive, you can use freely.Adjusting to the style of fondling and the your photograph model etc. customer, please use. You give communication before the play time end 10 minute.Especially, it is not necessary to wash the doll.Dispersed also the clothes please leave. Reservation time is not exceeded, please pay attention your sea urchin. When it is late with circumstances of the customer, there are times when extended fee is received. The staff verifies the damage of the doll lastly.

    "Sea urchin," eh?So that's what the kids are callin' these days.

    • cacepi says:

      The really scary part? I bet you need reservations a week ahead of time.

      Of course you do. They have to get clearance from the dolls' parents, 'cause one of the costumes you can choose is "The Kindergartener" (third row, second from the right).

  8. ellyjonez says:

    what makes you think they clean them? maybe they just leave em filled with goo and send em off. some people are into that type of thing, you know.

  9. ammitbeast says:

    This is so wrong on so many levels.

    Especially the anime fuck doll.

  10. pauraque says:

    I believe RealDolls cost about 5000 bucks, so this was kind of inevitable, really. When buying is too expensive, renting fills the gap.

  11. cyeh says:

    How can no one comment on the 'Age Limit' logo on the frontpage of the site? For gods sake, even the 'must be 18 years old' warning icon looks like a vagina!

  12. jpatokal says:

    The scariest part is the damages list in Section 6 here:

    Breaking off finger -- 10,000-20,000 yen
    Breaking joints -- 10,000 yen to 10% of cost of doll
    Damage to skeleton -- 10,000 yen to 10% of cost of doll
    Change of color -- 10% to 100% of cost of doll