Level Three Furry Outbreak in Singapore

Jodi Ruckley, 33, a volunteer with PETA, dressed as a bear, protesting the use of the palace's Houseguards bearskin hats, struggles with a policeman as she is placed into a police van at the gate of the Istana or Presidential Palace where Britain's Queen Elizabeth II was expected to arrive on Friday March 17, 2006 in Singapore.


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25 Responses:

  1. sc00ter says:

    ha ha...

    PETA protesters are funny

  2. recursive says:

    The best part is that in Singapore, you can probably cane them!

  3. psymbiotic says:

    Singaporeans don't fuck around. I'll be surprised if that furry is seen anytime in the near future.


    • omarius says:

      That was my thought, too. You gotta have some serious (balls||brain damage) to pull that kind of crap in Singapore.

  4. What's even funnier is that the Furry is shoving a flyer in the cop's face. Man, I wish there was video.

  5. evan says:

    What an awesome photo.

  6. gutbloom says:

    Look, you shouldn't mess with bears in the springtime. That sow is probably very hungry and may be agitated by an eight inch fecal plug that formed during hibernation. The cop would be smarter to just throw a birdfeeder into the van and let her follow it in there.

  7. catullus_5 says:

    Rule of thumb: All policy decisions will offend at least one person, so if the body of people offended by policy X is represented by obsessed ninnies handing out leaflets dressed as teddy bears, then policy X is pretty much as inoffensive as you can hope to get.

    • ciphergoth says:

      So if you want to get your objections to a policy taken seriously, you recommend blowing people up?

      • catullus_5 says:

        I wasn't talking about terrorism at all, although I thank you for pointing out the connection between animal activism and domestic terrorism.

        All I was saying is that, when many normal people complain about a policy, then that policy is troublesome. But when the only complaints you get are from a tiny handful of ultra-fringe ponytailed weirdos in bear costumes whose favorite word is "maaaaaan," then the policy is probably acceptable to the other, say, 98% of the population. Which is the approximate practical maximum.

        A statistical model that accounts for all the data except a tiny number of outliers is usually an acceptable statistical model. Likewise, a policy that offends no one except a tiny number of outliers is usually an acceptable policy.

        Even if these activist outliers use violence instead of leaflets, that doesn't change the fact that they're outliers.

        • ciphergoth says:

          So (1) all protest is stupid, and (2) that goes double for protests from those you've heard some good stereotypes about.

        • snitrocket says:

          Likewise, a policy that offends no one except a tiny number of outliers is usually an acceptable policy.

          Fascinating. So, for instance, while lynching might have been an overreaction, civil rights weirdos in Mississippi in the 50's actually were wrong.

          • catullus_5 says:

            No, you silly goose, Jim Crow was protested by millions across the country from all walks of life. Only a tiny handful of furries bordering on statistical insignificance protest bearskin hats.

  8. ammonoid says:

    Of all the crap in the world to protest, I'd think that bearskin hats would be pretty far down on the list. And I would be wrong.

  9. pfister_ says:

    That is clearly Pedobear.

  10. sherbooke says:

    down with the queen! sod the lot of them! including their rancid nazi-uniform wearing knobhead of a son, their ghormenghast ceremonials and fucking imperial-i-wish-it-were-1873 bearskin hats. bah. release charlies toothpaste squeezer NOW!

    umm. I wonder if *anyone* here has any idea what I'm on about...:-j

  11. beerfrick says:

    da bears....

  12. qweltor says:

    But there it is right there in black-and-white: "GOD SAVE THE BEARS"

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