I, for one, welcome our new mechaguana overlords

Tree-climbing robot:
RiSE is a small six-legged robot that climbs vertical terrain such as walls, trees and fences. RiSE's feet have claws, micro-claws or sticky material, depending on the climbing surface. RiSE changes posture to conform to the curvature of the climbing surface and a fixed tail helps RiSE balance on steep ascents. RiSE is about 0.25 m long, weighs 2 kg, and travels 0.3 m/s.


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8 Responses:

  1. regyt says:

    I misread mechaguana as meshugenah at first glance.

    • ammutbite says:

      No, sorry, the meshugenah overlords have been here for quite a while. If it's any consolation, I misread my friend's post about the death of Gordon Parks, as "the man who portrayed the snuggles and triumphs of black America".

  2. daruku says:

    Where are all the little Japanese people that are supposed to run away about now?

  3. strspn says:

    Okay, just beyond awesome. I'll have the four seater with the retractible wheels for highway use and an extra battery back.

  4. ammutbite says:

    For the sake of the kids who read your LJ posts, Mr.Z, in the hope of figuring out the proper new overlords to welcome, you have to stop the confusion of switching overlord allegiances faster than microsoft releases useless security fixes ...

    What about the children?! Is it good for the children? :-)